Eros in Aries, Eros in Taurus, Eros in Gemini, Eros in Cancer in the composite chart: What triggers our sexual arousal and obsessions?

eros.jpg Composite Eros in Aries

You are both passionately obsessed with each other.

Sexual chemistry is important to this relationship. You both turn each other on through your unique personality and strength.

You may have specific fetishes that you explore as a couple and these techniques or desires are unique to this relationship.

This is also a great relationship to help both of you explore dynamic and adventurous forms of sexual expression.

You inspire each other to experiment sexually and explore new things. Even a degree of tension can trigger your desires for each other.

You may become turned on in the midst of an argument. Competition may also stimulate the desire both of you have for each other.

You may also approach each other sexually with a focus on what you would personally find pleasurable or erotic, projecting your own desires onto each other.

When you are both open to learning from each other, this can be an exciting, active and dynamic partnership especially in intimacy and sexuality.

Composite Eros in Taurus

You are both passionately attracted to each other and appearances stimulate your desires.

You are also both turned on by sensuality. Massage, physical contact, and affection are examples of ways you turn each other on.

You may also both have an obsession with a specific physical aspect of each other’s bodies, such as the neck, feet or hands.

You may share an erotic desire to see each other in sexually suggestive clothing or settings, and your desires are enhanced by favorite drinks or desserts.

Fantasies about success, power, money and status can turn you both on and enhance your sexual chemistry.

You both crave admiration and adoration. Making each partner feel like a King or Queen is a key to sexual pleasure and desire in this relationship.

While you can both enjoy sexuality without emotional connection, security and trust are essential ingredients for this relationship to work.

Composite Eros in Gemini

You are both drawn to each other on an intellectual basis.

You may find each other’s voice or words to be erotic and irresistible. Reciting poetry, whispering in each other’s ears, or writing stories, poems, or songs for each other can ignite your shared passions.

This is a great relationship for lovers who are also creative partners. This placement makes it easy to get turned on by the sound of each other’s voice.

You may both also find each other irresistible when you debate each other. You may know just the right things to say to melt each other’s hearts.

When you are both inspired and excited about new ideas, the relationship can become intense and the sexual chemistry heightened.

You both are turned on by a variety of different positions, techniques, and fetishes. Flexibility and adaptability is important to your physical attraction to each other.

Composite Eros in Cancer

You are turned on by each other’s nurturing and caretaking instincts.

This relationship may blend sexual chemistry with cohabitating. You may also be aroused by the idea of having a family together.

When one of you is pregnant, it may make you sexually appealing to your partner. You may also have desires based on stimulating deep emotional connection.

You are each turned on by the emotional sensitivity you have to each other. Your shared empathy and desire to protect and care for each other can be highly arousing for both of you.

Through your intimate connection, you may become obsessed with starting a family or sharing a household.

You both may reminisce about the past and this sentimentality can bring out your desires for each other. Fantasies about making love in water or on a beach can be important for your romantic and sexual connection.

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