Eros in Sagittarius, Eros in Capricorn, Eros in Aquarius, Eros in Pisces in the composite chart: What triggers our sexual arousal and obsessions?

eros.jpg Composite Eros in Sagittarius

You both need a fair degree of independence and freedom in order to feel aroused in this relationship.

This can be an ideal relationship for a passionate affair. If you are in a romantic relationship, you both become turned on after time away or while traveling.

You need to spice things up and change scenery in order to keep the flames burning.

Your arousal for each other is heightened when you expand each other’s minds. Discussions about humanitarian issues or interests may further your desires for each other.

This relationship can involve exciting displays of passion. Routine sexual encounters will be too boring for you both. You need to expand each other’s minds and challenge each other’s expectations.

Confidence is a major turn on. When you each act independently and in bold and courageous ways, it is a significant turn on in the relationship.

Composite Eros in Capricorn

You are both aroused by restriction and challenges.

Abstinence, or periods of reduced sexual activity may be an aspect of increasing your sexual desire for each other. You may both also get a thrill out of delaying sexual encounters.

You may be turned on by fantasies related to status and wealth. You may also both enjoy engaging in sexual play related to exploring control and discipline.

This can indicate a shared arousal connected to accomplishment at work. If you are colleagues or boss and subordinate, this can be an enticing relationship.

You may also both enjoy playing out this scenario. Pleasure mixed with restriction, such as playing with handcuffs or tying each other to the bed, can also be quite arousing for the two of you.

You may also be attracted to the past. Vintage lingerie, older styles clothing or hairstyles, or scenery associated with the past or tradition can be arousing for you both.

Composite Eros in Aquarius

You are quite a kinky couple. The two of you are each turned on by unorthodox things.

You share a passion for individuality and are highly attracted to exciting sexual encounters. You don’t need romantic energy or emotional connection to each other in order to feel aroused.

In fact, you may be turned on more by objective aspects of each other rather than the human aspect of each other’s personalities.

You may have fetishes related to specific parts of each other’s bodies, for example. You may also awaken an arousal related to experimenting with sex toys.

Your sexual chemistry can sizzle like electricity and you both enjoy encounters that are shocking, taboo or otherwise unconventional.

You may expose each other to radical new ideas related to sexuality. This relationship can transport the two of you to greater heights of intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Composite Eros in Pisces

You are both compassionate, empathic, healing and loving.

You are aroused by emotional vulnerability and sensitivity. A sexual relationship without emotional connection will not work for the two of you.

You may each become aroused by fantasies, imagination and by shifting consciousness.

The two of you are aroused by sexual encounters that feel like spiritual experiences. You want sex to be transcendental.

You’re likely to both be drawn to experimenting with positions out of the Kama Sutra or exploring Kundalini together.

You both focus on losing yourselves in each other and can become obsessed with intimacy. You know intimacy is more than sex.

It is also the ability to merge mind, body and soul. You seek this kind of connection. You may arouse each other by exploring past life connections together.

You’re each turned on by the idea that you have a connection that runs much deeper than most.

The idea that you have a supernatural or otherworldly emotional and spiritual connection is also arousing to you both.

You can add fun and playfulness to your sexual encounters by engaging in role play or dressing up to trigger each other’s fantasies.

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