Sun and Jupiter aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we inspire each other’s vision, philosophy and dreams?

By 12andus

Sun-Mars-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Jupiter in the composite chart

Your connection to each other may be built around shared ideals and philosophical similarities.

You don’t compete with each other, yet you do both love to thrive off of each other’s energy and inspiration. You may share a common quest or provoke each other’s humanitarian desire to grow and succeed.

You help each other shift your beliefs and see greater potential by expanding your minds in new directions. This is a great placement for colleagues, teacher-student relationships, friendships and romance. In a romantic relationship, the two of you will serve as teachers in important ways in each other’s lives.

You can both help each other achieve your bigger dreams, especially when you stimulate each other’s sense of morality and humanitarian desires. You can find creative ways to encourage each other to share your gifts with a broader audience.

Sun sextile Jupiter in the composite chart

You both uplift each other and help each other to develop greater confidence and determination.

Your relationship can be passionate, uplifting and inspiring. Yet you don’t get carried away with extreme ideas or zealoutry. Rather, you help each other see strategies to bring justice and healing to society.

The two of you can find it easy to relate to each other because of a sense of shared philosophy and shared morals. You are both generous with each other and can inspire each other’s ideals.

You may also help each other embrace a path involving spiritual growth, writing and publishing as well as teaching or mentoring crowds of people. You help each other discover new worlds either through studying together or traveling together or both.

Sun square Jupiter in the composite chart

You challenge each other’s ideals and philosophies.

Though you don’t see eye to eye, you are both fascinated with each other. You may try to square off and debate, feeling the tension and excitement grow as you try to convince each other to embrace new visions.

Though you may not succeed in converting each other to your beliefs or way of life, the differences in culture, spirituality or ideology can fan the flames of passion and excitement.

You may even feel sexually charged and attracted to each other because of the new ideas you bring to each other’s lives.

Sun trine Jupiter in the composite chart

You both see the best in each other and because of this you bring out the best in each other.

You believe in each other’s strengths and talents. You can encourage each other to dream big especially when it comes to fulfilling your dreams in career, writing or furthering your education.

Because of your relationship, the two of you may travel the world or experience cultures or traditions beyond your own. You are both likely to expand each other’s mind and may influence each other to embrace new beliefs.

Even in a romantic relationship, you are also mentors and teachers to each other. You may help each other discover how to use your gifts to improve society or your larger community.

You also both enjoy pleasure and beauty and can have a difficult time setting boundaries with each other because you love to say “yes” to life’s opportunities.

Sun opposite Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both eager to expand in new directions and can be drawn to each other because of your unique beliefs.

You may see each other as exotic, unusual, or exciting because you both have had very different upbringings. You want to learn to walk a mile in each other’s shoes, yet you may also frustrate each other.

You may both have to adapt to different beliefs or philosophies in order to understand and appreciate each other.

You may be ideological opposites and fall into debate or constant disagreement. You can both be independent and may influence each other to live up to your full potential, even when you don’t agree.

Sun quincunx Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of interest in each other’s philosophy, beliefs, and spirituality.

You may believe in each other’s potential more than you believe in your own strengths.

This can be an important relationship for you both for growth, confidence and spiritual evolution.

The two of you may help each other overcome self doubts and uplift your voices. You may also expose each other to new horizons and opportunities that you would have otherwise missed.

Distance or differences of opinion may be an issue in the relationship initially. Yet you can both come to appreciate each other if you work together to overcome your different perspectives.

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