Sun and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we inspire commitment from each other?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Juno-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Juno in the composite chart

    You are both easily drawn to each other and may feel an instant connection.

    This is an ideal relationship for romance and marriage. You both want to establish a long term commitment in this relationship and may quickly move to become serious in the relationship.

    Each of you may also see each other as having status or great potential and you want to be the source of support and encouragement so that your loved one will thrive.

    You may also both desire a settled relationship with a solid and secure domestic life and even start a family.

    Even though both of you are devoted to each other, this relationship may be marked by quite a bit of jealousy.

    You can both have tempestuous ups and downs as you become possessive of each other at times, yet you’re also both devoted to making things work, no matter what each partner may do.

    Sun sextile Juno in the composite chart

    You can both easily connect to each other and desire a solid, committed relationship to each other.

    It doesn’t take long for the two of you to make a commitment to each other because you are both caring and nurturing toward each other.

    Even though you are both deeply connected to each other, you may both continually look for further evidence of each other’s intentions and love.

    That’s because your relationship can be possessive at times, leading to jealousy or doubt.

    But if you are each as confident in yourself as you are in your partner, you’ll realize there is no reason to worry. You potentially share an ideal connection for long term relationships and marriage.

    Sun square Juno in the composite chart

    This is a challenging relationship but it can also be a relationship that brings motivation and excitement.

    You both crave each other’s undivided attention yet no amount of commitment and love will feel sufficient unless you both work on your own insecurities.

    You may have to adjust your expectations so that you can both feel secure in this relationship. Otherwise, you’re both likely to question each other’s loyalties.

    With some effort, you are each likely to make your commitment to each other evident. This can potentially make a strong marriage though you may both have to work through jealousy and possessiveness in order to strengthen your connection to each other.

    Sun trine Juno in the composite chart

    This is an excellent placement for marriage and long term commitment in romance.

    You both feel an easy connection to each other and things may progress quickly in this relationship. You may both make a commitment early on or get married young.

    It’s evident to others that you are devoted to each other. You both try to display your loyalty to each other. This is a relationship that will likely stand the test of time.

    The two of you may see each other through life’s rollercoaster rides but will maintain a strong connection to each other.

    You’ll both have a clear sense of each other’s loyalty and devotion to each other and it is unlikely that either of you will have any need to question your ability to trust each other.

    Sun opposite Juno in the composite chart

    You work well together as partners or spouses yet the power dynamic in this relationship may not always be in balance.

    One of the challenges you both face is sharing authority in this relationship. One of you may seem to have power or status over the other.

    It takes effort for you both to feel secure in the relationship. You may both want a committed, loyal and long term relationship yet work, hobbies or other distractions may interfere with bringing these intentions to fruition.

    There may also be an issue of timing in the relationship. One of you may be ready for commitment before the other. Attention to balance and sharing power and attention in the relationship is essential.

    Sun quincunx Juno in the composite chart

    You both want to make a commitment to each other yet something holds you both back at first.

    Insecurities from the past or uncertainty about the timing or loyalty of your partner may keep both of you dancing around the issue of trust and loyalty.

    You can both become a solid couple and may even grow to develop a long term relationship.

    Yet before you can approach a milestone like marriage, you both will challenge each other to grow in some fundamental way.

    One or both of you may be afraid of settling down or you may be resistant to some aspect of the relationship.

    Yet through your connection to each other you are able to inspire each other to overcome insecurities and develop a lasting bond.

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