Moon and Venus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring beauty, love and nurturing into each other’s lives?

By 12andus

Moon-Venus-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Venus in the composite chart

The two of you easily bring comfort and nurturing into each other’s lives. You may both feel an instant attraction.

It’s likely you’ll also feel like this relationship is a matter of love at first sight. You immediately appreciate each other’s strengths and you are both attuned to each other enough to empathize with each other’s needs.

You don’t take each other for granted and neither partner has to worry about being undervalued in this relationship.

This can be a loving and compassionate relationship. You two know how to make each other feel right at home.

When it comes to love, you are sensitive to each other’s needs and help each other feel comfortable, admired, and beautiful.

Moon sextile Venus in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily attract each other’s attention.

This is a great placement for nurturing, love, compassion and romance. You both recognize each other’s beauty and may value each other’s support and input.

You also both know how to soothe each other’s subconscious fears and insecurities. Your mutual support and kindness can easily create a caring friendship or unconditionally loving partnership.

Regardless of the exact nature of the relationship, you both know how to bring beauty, love and understanding into each other’s lives.

You may be an easygoing couple that seldom if ever argues because you’re both willing to compromise in order to please and comfort each other.

Moon square Venus in the composite chart

You may not be physically or emotionally attracted to each other at first.

Yet you’ll both feel a sense of friction that keeps you in each other’s orbit as you figure out what this unusual attraction is all about. You both push each other’s buttons and may not immediately understand how to make each other feel secure.

This is a challenging relationship when it comes to attraction and showing unconditional love. Yet you both may grow on each other to the point where the romance becomes stronger because you both had to work for the connection.

Neither of you will give up on the relationship even during hard times. You’re eventually drawn to each other’s style of nurturing and showing affection even though initially you both may clash.

Moon trine Venus in the composite chart

You both easily express your love and affection for each other.

In fact, you may seem lucky in love, gravitating to each other right away. You can settle each other’s frazzled nerves and make each other feel right at home.

You both know how to comfort and support each other. This is an ideal relationship for love and romance.

You both also know how to intuitively connect to each other and enhance each other’s sense of worth and beauty.

Through this relationship you may both become more emotionally expressive and your shared connection around beauty and compassion can create a fulfilling connection.

Moon opposite Venus in the composite chart

You may not initially believe you are each other’s “type,” both feeling you make better friends than romantic partners.

Yet in time, dancing around a brewing attraction can lead you both to discover that you have a deeper bond than you realized.

Finding balance between a specific aesthetic or ideal and the realistic ways in which you two bring love and comfort into each other’s lives can be a major lesson for this relationship.

You may both grow to feel at home with each other. This is a relationship based on comfort, beauty, and feeling you both emotionally balance each other out even if it is not the easiest romantic connection at first.

Moon quincunx Venus in the composite chart

You both know how to bring out each other’s beauty and confidence though it may take time for you both to see yourselves the way you see each other.

Be careful not to seek fulfillment and self-esteem only in this relationship. You both have to learn to internalize the admiration you have for each other.

When you do, this can be a powerful romantic connection. The two of you can express your love through affection, loyalty and a shared love of beauty and romance.

Trusting in yourselves will help you both overcome insecurities and learn to trust in each other on a deeper level.

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