Moon and Jupiter aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we inspire confidence in each other’s intuition and instincts?

    By 12andus

    Moon-Jupiter-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Jupiter in the composite chart

    The two of you bring great inspiration and courage into each other’s lives.

    Because of this relationship, the two of you are able to find optimism and confidence to express your subconscious feelings and desires.

    You both easily feel attuned to each other’s missions and philosophy. You are able to help each other express your emotions and can help each other find empowerment even in the midst of emotional turmoil.

    You both can amplify each other’s feelings as well so it’s possible you can play off of each other’s fears and insecurities but also to boost each other’s happiness and charisma.

    You are both likely to bring out each other’s fantasies and hopes, helping each other to achieve your dreams and nurturing each other’s visions and desires.

    Moon sextile Jupiter in the composite chart

    You both influence each other’s moods and can have a more positive impact on helping each other overcome low moods.

    Through this relationship you both find empowerment for each other’s intuitive ideas and beliefs.

    This relationship also helps you both bring out each other’s confidence and security expressing subconscious desires. You know how to nurture each other’s visions and dreams.

    You can also help to intuitively guide each other toward success in career and business as well.

    You both can help each other see the positive even in the midst of emotionally turbulent situations.

    Moon square Jupiter in the composite chart

    You both want to inspire and influence each other to overcome insecurities.

    Yet you don’t easily appeal to each other’s emotional needs. For example, you may both try to cheer each other up rather than feeling comfortable holding space for each other during emotionally difficult times.

    You both need to learn how to adjust your style of communication and responding to each other’s feelings so that you can better attune with each other’s emotions.

    This is also a challenging relationship that teaches you both important lessons about finding your confidence and being true to your instincts.

    Moon trine Jupiter in the composite chart

    You are both easily able to elevate each other’s confidence and help each other uplift each other.

    You are both idealistic and have a knack for empowering each other based on connecting with each other’s deeper subconscious desires and instincts.

    Through both of your philosophical beliefs and unique vision, you can help each other express your intuitive ideas, emotions and vision.

    Through your optimism and positivity, you can both help to soothe and nurture each other’s feelings. The two of you can also help each other follow your unique vision through your charmisa.

    Moon opposite Jupiter in the composite chart

    You both can potentially experience profound lessons that change your beliefs and alter your philosophy.

    Through this relationship, you may have to both work to align your ideals and vision with your feelings and instincts and finding this balance will not be easy.

    Through trial and error, you may both have to learn to be honest with yourselves and each other so that you can both become more confident in your potential and vision.

    This is an important relationship for helping each other grow personally and mature emotionally. You may not initially understand each other’s feelings and instincts but because of your charm and optimism you can both come to appreciate each other’s unique feelings and intuitive vision.

    Moon quincunx Jupiter in the composite chart

    The two of you may have an awkward or challenging time understanding each other’s feelings at first.

    You may both go too far to extremes to try to validate your own feelings or intuition and in doing so, you may unintentionally seem dismissive of each other’s feelings.

    As a couple you have the potential to elevate each other’s ambitions and help each other succeed, but you’ll both need to overcome your own insecurities.

    Assumptions you make about each other or projecting your own feelings onto each other can interfere with open honest communication at first.

    Yet if you both are patient with each other, your optimism and compassion for each other will eventually help to solidify this relationship.

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