Moon and Neptune aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other’s spiritual and emotional healing?

By 12andus

Moon-Neptune-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Neptune in the composite chart

The two of you have a deeply emotional connection and can easily form a bond that is both emotional and spiritual.

Through this relationship you both can feel emotionally validated. This relationship can be healing for both of you on a spiritual and emotional level, but you will both have to be careful not to enable each other.

This is because there is a fine line between your compassion for each other and your fear of dealing with each other’s uncomfortable feelings.

You are both so empathetic toward each other that you may go to great lengths to avoid dealing with each other’s emotions and can become too concerned with pleasing each other.

Yet if you are willing to see this relationship as a mirror to help you both grow, it will seem more empowering to set boundaries and limits.

Moon sextile Neptune in the composite chart

The two of you easily feel emotionally connected to each other.

You are both empathic, compassionate and loving and through this relationship you can help each other find deep healing.

You may also help each other explore spiritual beliefs and mystical practices that prove healing on a mental and emotional level.

You may see each other as Soul Mates and indeed this relationship does provide fertile ground for growth and understanding.

Through your relationship, you may become more psychically attuned to each other and also to your own needs for healing and emotional empowerment.

Moon square Neptune in the composite chart

This is an emotionally charged relationship and your connection to each other can become a motivator for healing and growth.

The two of you must put some effort into the emotional connection in this relationship. Initially, you can either project illusions onto each other or you may both struggle with expressing how you actually feel.

Yet when you are both able to connect with each other’s feelings without downplaying or overstating your emotions, you can become catalysts for healing.

Through this relationship, you may both challenge each other to develop stronger boundaries.

Initially, it may seem like you have difficulty connecting. Yet the reality is you both need to do some work on your own insecurities and boundaries so you can nurture a healthy emotional connection.

Moon trine Neptune in the composite chart

You are both easily drawn to each other and can find this relationship deeply nurturing and rewarding.

This relationship offers great emotional healing and can bring you both into alignment with your spiritual and emotional desires.

You may easily fuel the attraction to each other and your relationship may feel divinely inspired.

This relationship brings healing, compassion and empathy that you both need in order to feel loved and secure.

This can be an excellent placement for family or romance. Even as friends you’ll both likely feel a dramatic and intimate connection to each other so that you can often sense each other’s feelings and needs.

Moon opposite Neptune in the composite chart

This can be an emotionally healing relationship but it is also filled with learning opportunities.

Before the two of you can actually nurture each other’s path to healing and spiritual growth, you’ll both need to overcome insecurities and self-doubts.

It’s easy for the two of you to become dependent on each other’s approval. You may both have to learn the difference between unconditional love and neediness.

If you are not careful, this relationship can become manipulative as you both may try to control each other by appealing to each other’s emotions.

But in the best case scenario, you can both learn to strengthen your boundaries and can become uplifting, inspiring and help each other to evolve personally.

Moon quincunx Neptune in the composite chart

You both may be intensely drawn to each other and this relationship can be highly emotional.

Yet there are also illusions and fantasies at play which can make it difficult for the two of you to really do what is best for yourselves and each other.

You may both try too hard to please each other or accommodate each other’s needs. Yet you can both work to overcome insecurities and if you do, this relationship can become emotionally empowering.

You can both learn to develop your instincts and intuition and this can help you both forge a stronger bond in the long run without resorting to manipulative tactics.

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