Mercury and Uranus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring surprising new vision and shocking ideas into the relationship?

Mercury-Uranus-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Uranus in the composite chart

You are both filled with surprises and you never cease to amaze and shock each other.

Your communication style as a couple may be unusual and unorthodox. You both break all the conventional rules, but rather than driving you apart, this trait brings you both together.

You admire and respect each other’s ability to think outside of the box. Your unusual, quirky style can be one of the main attraction points in the relationship.

You both help each other achieve epiphanies and breakthroughs. This relationship can be a source of critical inspiration especially in career and personal life.

Even in romance, you may both help each other adapt to a significant change or dramatic breakthrough.

You are both able to help each other create a new vision for the future and as a couple you may be ahead of others when it comes to dreaming up ideas that later become major trends.

Mercury sextile Uranus in the composite chart

You are both a source of inspiration and can help each other have important breakthroughs.

You stimulate each other’s imagination, though you are both able to work together to tap into logic and intuition rather than getting carried away by fantasies.

This relationship can help you both come up with creative solutions even if doing so means breaking traditional rules.

You may both have a unique way of expressing yourselves and the insights you bring into each other’s lives can be shocking or unsettling.

But rather than triggering fear or anxieties, this relationship brings to the surface optimism and a new vision that you both can find exciting.

You may also become passionate about helping each other explore your individual and creative gifts.

Mercury square Uranus in the composite chart

You both try to prioritize your individual perspective and it can be hard for you to take each other’s point of view.

Yet the differences in your personal visions and ideas can make this relationship charged and exciting.

You may both feel friction or tension in the relationship. You both have a tendency to shock each other.

Yet this doesn’t have to be detrimental to the relationship. You are both able to adapt your expectations and welcome unusual changes, this partnership can help you both to expand your thinking and find innovative ways to overcome challenges.

Mercury trine Uranus in the composite chart

You are both independent thinkers, yet your vision and ideas align.

Even when you don’t see eye to eye, you are both able to excite and inspire each other.

This relationship can easily bring out each of your unique ideas and visionary tendencies. You help each other imagine your full potential because neither of you sees limitations.

You can also inspire each other to explore new interests, technologies and ideas that are game changing.

As a couple, the two of you always seem to be ahead of the curve. You both understand trends on the horizon before other people have accepted groundbreaking ideas.

Mercury opposite Uranus in the composite chart

You both understand the need to question everything and be true to your individual ideas.

Yet when your ideas clash, you can both unintentionally turn each other off. You can keep each other on your toes because you both are critical thinkers.

Through this relationship, you can help each other break out of restrictions and limitations by helping each other see your highest potential.

This relationship can be a great source of inspiration, but you’ll both have to find a balance between innovation and creating stability.

You can both help each other overcome limitations and can open each other’s eyes to new ideas.

Yet it may take require you both to make dramatic personal changes in order to bring your ideas and visions into balance.

Mercury quincunx Uranus in the composite chart

You are both able to think outside the box, yet insecurities and fears may lead you both to try to conform out of fear of standing out.

You can both help each other become comfortable accepting your individual strengths and perspectives and this can lead you two to bring surprising and unusual changes into your relationship.

You may also both play an instrumental role in helping each other find the courage to stand your own ground and trust your unique vision.

It may take some adjustment but you are both able to help each other break the mold and create an unusual and unique life together.

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