Mercury and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other understand our destiny and purpose?

Mercury-True_Lunar_Node-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct North Node in the composite chart

You both easily help each other understand your shared destiny and purpose as a couple.

Part of your Karmic path may involve breakthroughs that change both of your communication style. You may both also have to advance beyond the way you used to think.

Embracing new ideas and building healthier communication can help the two of you achieve major life goals.

This may involve writing, speaking, teaching, or influencing others through sharing your message as a couple.

Where you both used to inhibit your ideas, this relationship can empower you both to become more confident in your beliefs and become more outspoken about your interests and opinions.

This can lead you both to overcome anxieties and fears related to having your voice heard.

Mercury sextile North Node in the composite chart

It’s easy for the two of you to inspire each other to advance personally.

You are both likely to help each other break through barriers and see your true potential.

Through this relationship, you can both become encouraged to follow your instincts and articulate your plans and ideas.

Your opinions may also be swayed by each other’s ideas as you can each help each other to see a higher potential that you wouldn’t see for yourself.

This can be a great relationship for mentor and mentee, teacher and student, or for friends or romance.

If this relationship is romantic in nature, you will both be able to expose each other to new ideas that ultimately lead you both to breaking down barriers and succeeding in your personal goals.

Mercury square North Node in the composite chart

The two of you are likely to clash when tough decisions need to be made.

You may unintentionally stifle each other’s creativity or potential because it’s hard for you both to envision your full potential.

Until you are both able to see and understand the ways each other need to grow personally, you both may remain silent when you actually need to speak up and help each other.

This can be a challenging relationship when it comes to helping each other grow. Yet you can also both motivate each other to break with complacency.

Mercury trine North Node in the composite chart

You are both easily able to foster growth and spiritual maturity in this relationship.

You can also both help each other to grow intellectually by inspiring each other to take on new interests or studies.

This relationship can foster advancement in your beliefs or communication style and as such, you may both be able to help each other fulfill your mission.

Your relationship is a vehicle for your shared purpose and this can lead you both to make unprecedented moves to assert your ideas and share your message.

You know how to stimulate each other’s ideas, vision and beliefs. Because of this relationship, you will both be more likely to succeed in accomplishing major breakthroughs.

Mercury opposite North Node in the composite chart

You are both comfortable with each other and may not challenge each other’s beliefs or ideas.

While this may seem like a perfect intellectual match, the truth is you are also likely to both become stagnant rather than promoting each other’s visions and ideals.

You may both need to become more comfortable encouraging each other to follow your instincts and break out of complacency. This relationship can be a catalyst for you both to advance personally.

Yet in order for this to happen, you’ll both need to find the security to trust your own ideas and push each other to expand beyond your past experiences.

Mercury quincunx North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to have an interest in each other’s destiny and growth, but you don’t easily express it.

You may tiptoe around each other so that you both don’t make waves. But avoiding conflict also means you’re both avoiding change.

This relationship can be instrumental to each of you finding your purpose and destiny because you both can help each other shift into a new and more evolved mindset.

The two of you may be challenged to overcome insecurities so that you can inspire each other to break out of past patterns and developing a new mindset.

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