Venus and Mars aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we show our passion and love in this relationship?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Mars-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Mars in the composite chart

    You are both highly passionate and easily express your love and enthusiasm in this relationship.

    This connection can be highly sexually charged. You may both become infatuated with each other at first sight.

    You are both likely to see each other as beautiful and treasure the relationship. Though you are magnetically drawn to each other, neither of you will be complacent in the relationship.

    The sparks fly in this relationship and it’s a great connection for romance. Any tension is easily channeled through your sexual attraction.

    You are both direct and assertive about your desire for each other and there is no holding back as you both make your feelings known.

    You can also become possessive and jealous of each other as you’ll both instantly see each other as perfect partners and will not want to risk losing each other’s favor.

    Venus sextile Mars in the composite chart

    You are both passionate about your connection to each other.

    This relationship brings out the beauty and confidence in both of you. This can be a great connection for sexual and romantic relationships as the chemistry is exciting.

    You help to boost each other’s confidence and may easily blend affection, love, nurturing and focus as you help each other accomplish your goal.

    You are likely to see the best in each other and may see each other’s value and beauty even when you don’t see your own full potential.

    This relationship brings out charisma, joy, playfulness and passion in your connection to each other.

    Venus square Mars in the composite chart

    You may both be infatuated with each other, though it’s not easy for you to express your desire and love openly.

    You may admire each other from a distance or you may be turned on by challenges in the relationship.

    The two of you may be obsessed with each other, yet you don’t always make the relationship a priority. With some effort, however, you can both find ways to channel friction in the relationship.

    You may have to work to turn the tension into sexual chemistry. When you succeed in doing this, you’ll both be able to challenge each other and develop a stronger connection as a couple.

    Venus trine Mars in the composite chart

    You are both likely to be passionately in love with each other, admiring each other’s beauty and confidence.

    This can be a sexually charged yet also playful and romantic relationship. You appreciate each other’s beauty and can bring out each other’s strength and focus.

    Through this relationship, you may find a great balance between affection, generosity, devotion and optimism.

    You may work well together, coming up with shared dreams for the future but also working together to make your dreams a reality. This relationship is ideal for friendship, romance, or a sexual connection.

    Venus opposite Mars in the composite chart

    You are both infatuated with each other but may face obstacles to nurturing your connection.

    Insecurities, jealousy, possessiveness and anger issues come to the surface in this relationship. There’s no use ignoring the tension in the relationship as you’ll both need to work through this in order to thrive as a couple.

    This relationship can bring powerful lessons regarding cooperation, balance, compassion and assertiveness. Yet you’ll both have to work to establish balance.

    It’s likely that one of you will try to dominate the other or you may vacillate regarding who is perceived to have power in the relationship.

    It’s best for you both to take the time and effort to work on sharing the passion, power and sense of direction in the relationship.

    Venus quincunx Mars in the composite chart

    You are both likely to have an intense attraction to each other but you may initially try to stifle your true feelings.

    Insecurities can lead you both to doubt the connection or you may both have to work through self-confidence or body image issues in order to be open and authentic with each other.

    Yet this relationship also brings important lessons regarding showing your affection, love, and desire without becoming controlling over each other.

    If you are both able to keep your possessive and jealous side in check, this relationship can thrive.

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