Venus and Vesta aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring spiritual ideals and purification into our relationship?

By 12andus

Venus-Vesta-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Vesta in the composite chart

This relationship blends spirituality and love in a pure sense.

You may easily express your unconditional love for each other. This relationship can also help you both sacrifice your personal or material desires in service to the relationship.

You are both eager to show each other your devotion and this relationship involves steady practical acts of admiration and service.

This can be a relationship that brings out the unconditional love you both have for each other.

You are both likely to help each other to see your acts of love and loyalty as also being acts of your ideals and spiritual dedication to each other.

Through this relationship you are both reminded of your higher ideals and goals that help you extend beyond your individual perspective.

Venus sextile Vesta in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of your humility, love and honesty.

You both have important spiritual ideals and practices that become influential in the relationship.

Though you are both realistic and practical, this relationship reminds you both to incorporate acts of love and service into your routines.

You can help each other find pleasure and happiness in small acts of love and devotion.

It’s also easy for the two of you to give up some aspects of your personal ambitions so that you can take steps toward a happy and fulfilling life together.

Venus square Vesta in the composite chart

You are both likely to be attracted to each other and this can be an exciting romance.

You may have a hedonistic relationship and the two of you may have to work to keep healthy routines as part of the relationship.

It’s hard for you both to sacrifice your desires or pleasures for the sake of what is truly best for you both. You may unintentionally hold each other back because of fear and jealousies.

You may also try to keep each other happy by indulging each other’s desires and enabling each other’s fantasies.

Yet when practical realities need to be taken into consideration, it can be difficult for you both to set boundaries.

In this relationship you may both find it difficult to follow your higher ideals and spiritual or healthy routines.

Venus trine Vesta in the composite chart

You are both driven to help each other out of love and devotion.

This relationship can help you both become aligned with your higher spiritual ideals and you can inspire each other to prioritize health, wellness and purity.

This relationship can be beneficial for the two of you as you are both able to show love, affection and devotion while also encouraging each other to take care of your health and wellbeing.

This is an ideal relationship for romance and friends who also inspire each other to strive for your higher ideals.

This relationship can also help you both make mature sacrifices so that you are able to collaborate and build a relationship that helps you both advance emotionally and spiritually.

Venus opposite Vesta in the composite chart

You are both highly attractive to each other and this relationship can bring out your pleasure-seeking side.

Though you are both also able to balance your devotion to each other and your love of hedonism and pleasure, it can be difficult for the two of you to commit to this balance.

It’s more likely that the two of you will go to extremes either disregarding your spiritual nature and abandoning all routines and stability to pursue pleasure, or go to the other extreme in trying to be too modest or restrictive.

This relationship challenges the two of you to find the balance between these two aspects of your individual personalities so that you can blend these opposing energies in your relationship.

Venus quincunx Vesta in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other and may find each other irresistible.

Yet through your relationship you have serious matters to attend to and it can be difficult to focus on serious practical matters.

It takes time and effort for the two of you to find the balance and confidence to appreciate each other’s desires while also establishing some kind of routine.

Through trial and error, the two of you are likely to establish practices and routines so that you can bring your spiritual and idealistic beliefs into your daily lives and relationship.

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