Venus and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we blend romantic and erotic love in this relationship?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Eros-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Eros in the composite chart

    This is an ideal aspect for romantic relationships.

    You are both attracted to each other emotionally and physically. Yet more than a sentimental bond, the two of you easily help each other explore your sexual fantasies and desires.

    You are both able to find the sensual and pleasurable in your relationship but this is also a truly affectionate and compassionate bond.

    Your interests aren’t just sexual, yet the sexual chemistry is definitely a feature in this relationship. Beauty, comfort and security may be a major part of the attraction.

    You both know how to blend romantic desire and a sexual attraction to each other’s sensitive and caring nature.

    Venus sextile Eros in the composite chart

    This is a natural relationship for both romance and sexual attraction.

    You both know how to turn each other on. This relationship can help you both become uninhibited and explore your sexuality.

    You may both be drawn to each other’s beauty and physical appearance. This relationship can blend sentimentality and emotional connection with a desire for each other based on image and security.

    You both easily encourage each other to explore your sexual fantasies and this relationship may draw on desires based on traditional romantic courtship.

    Venus square Eros in the composite chart

    Though you are infatuated with each other, the obsession may be based on a tendency to fetishize each other.

    You may both think you’re in love, but there is also a possessive streak to this relationship. The sexual chemistry is powerful.

    It can be difficult for the two of you to separate your sexual desire for each other and cultivate more of an emotional connection.

    This relationship may provide important lessons in honoring your sexual needs and fantasies without losing sight of the admiration you have for each other as individuals.

    With some effort you can both find the motivation to develop an emotional and loving connection while also helping each other to explore your sexual fantasies.

    Venus trine Eros in the composite chart

    You are both easily drawn together and may admirer each other’s beauty and charm.

    This relationship can involve a powerful emotional and sexual connection. Through this bond you may both become more confident exploring your sexual interests.

    You may be infatuated and obsessed with each other. This relationship can flourish because of your shared admiration with each other’s appearance.

    Yet this is not a superficial relationship. Rather, you are both in love with each other for emotional, physical and sexual reasons.

    You know how to make each other feel secure and also can bring out the beauty and sensuality in this relationship.

    Venus opposite Eros in the composite chart

    You are both likely to be obsessed with each other.

    It will be important for you both to be mindful not to fetishize each other. Part of the infatuation you have for each other is based on each of your physical beauty.

    Yet there is potential for a strong emotional and romantic bond. It will take some effort, but the two of you can balance emotional and sexual connection.

    Yet this is not always easy. You both need to put some effort into nurturing the love and admiration for each other’s personalities and romantic side.

    If you can both avoid getting carried away by the sexual connection and can keep the sexual aspect of the relationship from eclipsing the emotional side of the relationship, this can be a highly satisfying and exciting relationship.

    Venus quincunx Eros in the composite chart

    You are both drawn to each other and may be infatuated with each other’s beauty.

    This relationship can be liberating to you both as you can come to awaken new sexual desires and fantasies through this relationship.

    But it will take some effort as you may both have to work through body-image issues or insecurities in order to really open up to each other.

    Developing a greater sense of trust and acceptance of yourselves can help you both nurture this relationship.

    You can both find the confidence and self-love needed to foster a relationship that is both loving, secure and sexually exciting.

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