Mars and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we share our commitment, passion and loyalty?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Juno-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Juno in the composite chart

    The two of you are determined to make this relationship work.

    You may both instinctively know right away that you want to commit to each other in this relationship.

    Through this relationship, you may become more confident in the stability of your love and connection to each other.

    If you’ve doubted your assertiveness and power in the past, this relationship helps you both to uplift each other.

    You can easily put your faith in each other and may move quickly toward marriage or other forms of serious commitment.

    Mars sextile Juno in the composite chart

    You can both find it easy to express your devotion and loyalty to each other.

    Your relationship is intense, and you are drawn to each other as powerhouses of inspiration and encouragement.

    You have no reason to doubt each other, though you may both still look to each other for reassurance and affirmation.

    This can be a great relationship for committed and passionate romance and possibly even a spicey and intense marriage.

    Through this relationship, you are both able to encourage each other to fulfill your personal dreams while also nurturing your shared desire for each other.

    You are focused on the relationship as a high priority and neither of you has to worry about the other losing interest.

    Mars square Juno in the composite chart

    You are both infatuated with each other and your relationship may be intense and passionate.

    Yet this relationship is not always an easy one. You both have to work through insecurities and fears so that you can come to a point of making a commitment to each other.

    You may both clash when it comes to matters of devotion and commitment in the relationship.

    You both have to put some effort into overcoming jealousy and possessiveness. When you are both able to set your fears aside, you’ll see that this is a relationship worth committing to.

    Mars trine Juno in the composite chart

    You both find it easy to take a risk and make a commitment in this relationship.

    You can be passionate and even obsessed with each other. Even well into the relationship the two of you are likely to be infatuated.

    You are also likely to be confident in each other’s devotion and commitment and so jealousy is not as big a factor in this relationship.

    Your connection to each other is likely to be intense, passionate and highly sexually driven.

    You are both quick to decide you want to spend the rest of your lives together. You can also be fiercely protective of each other in the relationship.

    Mars opposite Juno in the composite chart

    Through this relationship, you are both challenged to come face to face with the insecurities you have related to commitment.

    You may have imbalanced fealty to the relationship and rather than finding a balance between commitment and independence, it may seem as if one of you is more infatuated than the other.

    It takes effort for the two of you to align your desires. When you do, you’ll be able encourage each other and find a shared commitment.

    Yet if you are both distracted by competition and or jealousies, this relationship can be a source of frustration.

    It may be difficult for the two of you to find the level of commitment that satisfies both of you. It’s easy for you both to feel overwhelmed or suffocated rather than feeling like you share a common passion and focus but are also able to maintain your independence.

    Mars quincunx Juno in the composite chart

    You both find it difficult to align your passions and desires to make a solid commitment to each other.

    You may both fear losing your independence in the relationship, yet you can learn to adapt to each other’s needs and desires.

    It may take some risk, but if you both are willing to go out on a limb and demonstrate your loyalty and devotion to each other, this relationship can be highly rewarding.

    You may both teach each other to have confidence and trust in the relationship and find security. Possessiveness and jealousy can haunt this relationship initially.

    If you are willing to work together through initial difficulties and disruptions, you’ll both create a stable, solid relationship filled with devotion and loyalty.

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