Jupiter and Uranus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring exciting, futuristic and innovative vision into the relationship?

Jupiter-Uranus-Conj.jpg Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the composite chart

You are both likely to have an exciting, erratic and spiritual relationship.

You work together to break down barriers and succeed in your ambitions, always thinking of growth, change and the future.

Through this relationship, you are both easily able to make your dreams and visions come true. You’re likely to be an innovative couple, always able to see what is coming up next on the horizon.

You can keep each other a few steps ahead of the game and may have a strong sense of intuition about coming trends.

This relationship can help you both break free from stagnation and you help each other grow and expand.

You can help each other grow by leaps and bounds. Through this relationship you both find ways to expand your influence and so this can be a great relationship for colleagues and business partners.

Jupiter sextile Uranus in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily fuel each other’s dreams and visions.

You’re both futuristic, always finding lucky breaks and fortunate ways to land on your feet. This relationship can be filled with unusual and lucky twists and turns.

Through your connection to each other, you are easily able to advance professionally, following your ideals and vision even if you break with convention.

Neither one of you is afraid to rock the boat and rather than being ridiculed, as a couple, you’re likely to be commended for your courage and unorthodox vision.

You can help each other to make dramatic changes and even when it seems like you’re taking big risks, you always help each other to land on your feet and succeed.

Jupiter square Uranus in the composite chart

This relationship is filled with unusual twists and turns that keep you both on your toes.

Though you are both able to find a beneficial way to make the best of every shockwave that comes your way, the two of you may seldom have a quiet moment together.

When it rains it pours and you may both frequently endure downpours of excitement, drama and changes. You help to build each other up and help each other succeed in the midst of chaos.

Yet it can also be unsettling at times, making it difficult for both of you to work on creating stability.

You’ll both have to work together to overcome the tension that arises from unexpected changes and unusual shifts that continually rock your foundation.

Yet with some adaptations to your vision and thought process, you can both ride out changes and find creativity and inspiration from each other.

Jupiter trine Uranus in the composite chart

You both have a gift for influencing others and helping to inspire people from all walks of life.

Your relationship is considered bold, unique, and exciting. You may have an unconventional lifestyle which helps you both succeed in unusual fields.

You break tradition together and may live a life filled with unpredictable changes that seem to be exciting and futuristic.

Together, you may be an unconventional and colorful couple that is unapologetically true to your own ideals.

This is a great aspect for friendship, romance and for partners who share a humanitarian cause together.

Jupiter opposite Uranus in the composite chart

You are both likely to have a dramatic and undeniable impact on each other.

Though you are both drawn to pursue your humanitarian vision, your specific ideas of how the world should be may be different.

It’s not easy for you two to find common ground as you’re both fiercely independent and also humanitarians. You are both good at being attuned to the collective good, but struggle with intimately connecting to each other.

With effort and practice, you can both find ways to support each other’s goals and visions.

If you can collaborate and compromise, you can find a balance between your need to be true to yourself no matter what, and your desire to be there for others, you can create an exciting, creative and innovative relationship.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of your shared values and sense of vision.

Yet it’s not as easy as you may both expect to blend your creativity, unique vision and put your unusual and unique ideals to work for you as a couple.

Unexpected changes may continually disrupt this relationship. You may both need to work to adjust your perspective.

It’s not easy for the two of you to follow your ideals. You may become restless and frustrated with each other easily.

But if you can both avoid going to extremes or breaking away from the relationship altogether in response to challenges, this can be an inspiring and challenging relationship.

You can both help each other to overcome insecurities and find the confidence to be true to who you both really are.

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