Saturn and Chiron aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other heal and face Karmic lessons?


    Saturn-Chiron-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct Chiron in the composite chart

    This relationship can help you both find healing and resolving past Karma.

    Old wounds may resurface in your relationship to each other. You can both face hardships and limitations that stand in the way of stability.

    The foundation in this relationship is helped along by your shared willingness to confront and address your past wounds.

    Healing is a necessary part of this relationship and it may be a practical aspect of your partnership.

    You both have the capacity to be helpful and instrumental in each other’s healing process. This relationship can bring you both into alignment with your greater purpose and security.

    It’s easy for both of you to understand what each other needs to feel secure in the relationship. You are both sensitive to each other’s desire for a solid foundation.

    Saturn sextile Chiron in the composite chart

    You are both easily able to understand how each other responds to hardship and stress.

    Because of your own past wounds you can both find ways to comfort and encourage each other. You are both likely to give each other sound practical advice.

    You are easily able to set a solid foundation together. This relationship can help you both navigate through past challenges and limitations.

    You are able to bond with each other over your past experiences with hardships. This relationship can bring out Karmic lessons that you help each other to understand.

    Saturn square Chiron in the composite chart

    You may have a difficult time connecting with each other and feeling heard and understood.

    Hardships surround this relationship and you can both easily become frustrated with each other. You may look to each other for support and stability.

    Yet it takes work and effort for you both to find ways to effectively respond to each other’s needs.

    Through this relationship, you also may both clash over issues that also trigger your past wounds.

    You can help each other find meaning and purpose in hardships you navigate, but this requires steady effort and mindfulness.

    By being patient with each other and supporting each other through difficulties, you can also both help each other heal and work through past wounds.

    Saturn trine Chiron in the composite chart

    You are both likely to create stability and security in each other’s lives so that you can heal past wounds.

    You are both likely to use your patience and desires for stable frameworks and in doing so, you can help each other succeed in healing past wounds.

    You have an easy understanding of how to make each other feel secure. This relationship can be a springboard for building a strong connection and foundation.

    You can help each other grow but in doing so you will need to also give each other space and time to heal from past wounds that are triggered by current hardships you endure together.

    Fortunately, it is easy for you both to do this. You have the patience and skills needed to help each other create a solid, understanding, and compassionate bond.

    Saturn opposite Chiron in the composite chart

    You are both likely to clash when it comes to your attitudes toward healing and security.

    You can both unknowingly dredge up past insecurities and traumas through your connection to each other. This relationship helps you both come to terms with fears that continue to haunt you both.

    Past traumas can easily be triggered in this relationship but you can also both work to align with each other, helping to create a solid foundation that helps you both achieve a solid connection.

    This relationship can bring greater wisdom and understanding as you are both likely to have an intuitive sense of what you both need in order to feel safe but don’t easily communicate this to each other.

    This relationship can also help you both break through barriers and build a strong and reliable connection as you both face and heal from your past wounds.

    Saturn quincunx Chiron in the composite chart

    You are both likely to have a challenging and disruptive path to healing.

    This relationship is likely to trigger old wounds and traumas. You both have work to do examining your own motivations and insecurities.

    If you are both willing to examine hard lessons and pay attention to how hardships trigger your past wounds, you can both find greater strength and understanding in the relationship.

    This relationship can bring lessons related to Karma and healing as long as you are both willing to take risks and make meaning rather than avoiding wounds and blaming each other for your challenges or disagreements.

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