Uranus and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we rebel against expectations of sexual power?


    Uranus-Lilith-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both rebellious and independent and this can lead you to both express your sexuality in unique ways.

    The two of you may help each other awaken sexual desires that challenge the status quo. You can be instrumental in helping each other find authenticity especially in sexuality.

    Your creativity and innovative nature help to stimulate each other to break free from traditional roles and stereotypes.

    You can both honor each other’s independent and rebellious side and can encourage each other to pursue freedom and open expression.

    This can be an ideal relationship for you to explore sexuality and express your independence and individuality. You may both find it easy to drop pretensions and be true to your own inner desires.

    You both help each other to release attachments to social constructs around gender and sexuality and you may openly express your desires and explore sexual taboos.

    Uranus sextile Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both likely to help encourage each other to explore sexuality and independence in more authentic ways.

    This can be an important relationship that helps you both shed preconceived stigmas or limitations associated with sexuality.

    You can help each other break through barriers and explore sexual freedom. Your shared creativity and insights can help you both liberate each other from social conventions.

    This relationship can be a catalyst for intense and dramatic change relating to your sexual expression.

    Though you are both fiercely independent and can be rebellious, you are also drawn to each other because you instigate each other’s open expression and desires.

    Uranus square Lilith in the composite chart

    You both clash with each other over your desires for freedom.

    You both understand and respect each other’s need for space and independence but can also have intense conflicts stemming from your shared rebellious nature.

    You may be turned on by each other’s independent and rebellious side, but you can also find it difficult to find enough common ground to form a deeper bond.

    It takes effort for the two of you to find the trust you both need to express your desires and fulfill each other’s desires.

    This can be a difficult relationship for both of you because you challenge each other’s sexual interests or expectations.

    If you are both able to be open minded to each other’s ideas, no matter how different and unusual, you may be able to work to form an exciting and creative sexual relationship.

    Uranus trine Lilith in the composite chart

    This can be an intense and exciting relationship for you both.

    Through this relationship, you both expand your understanding of sexuality and sexual freedom. You can help each other find the confidence to be authentic and open about your desires.

    This relationship can bring out your adventurous and kinky side and you may both help each other redefine your understanding of sexuality.

    You have great sexual chemistry and can entice each other to explore your deep desires. Freedom to express yourselves and follow your unusual dreams is an important part of this relationship.

    Uranus opposite Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both likely to clash when it comes to trying to express your rebellious and individualistic nature.

    This relationship can make it feel like you both have to choose between being true to yourself and rebelling against any form of compromise or collaboration.

    You may be at odds with each other when it comes to expressing your true sexual desires. This can be a challenging relationship for you as you may not be fully able to be true to yourself.

    It can take some effort but the two of you can help each other accomplish major breakthroughs that help you validate your rebellious inner nature.

    This relationship can be a catalyst for change. You may both help each other break free from social conventions and tradition.

    You can help each other to feel liberated and to express your unique individual nature. You may also help each other strive to pursue your true desires.

    Uranus quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both likely to feel uncomfortable expressing your true independent nature at first.

    Early in the relationship you may both go to some lengths to try to impress each other even if this involves stifling your true desires.

    You can both find it difficult to be genuine with each other until you do some deeper work to boost your own sense of security and confidence in yourself.

    This is an ideal relationship for the two of you to learn lessons related to freedom and authenticity. When you test the waters and show your true self, this relationship can thrive.

    You can both grow and evolve to become more open minded toward unusual and unconventional ideas related to sexuality and self-expression.

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