Uranus and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we express our unique and quirky sexual desires?

By 12andus

Uranus-Eros-Conj.jpgUranus conjunct Eros in the composite chart

You both easily excite each other through your shared fascination with kinky and unusual fetishes.

You may be ideologically aroused by your shared creativity or insights, and find it exciting to debate about politics or social issues. But you’re just as likely to turn each other on by taboo subjects as well.

You may both go to extremes to pursue sexual pleasure. Neither one of you is interested in bland or traditional sexual encounters.

You are instead turned on by groundbreaking, innovative and unusual sexual pursuits.

It’s also easy for the two of you to express your sexual desires without much emotional attachment.

In fact, you may both find it arousing to be in a noncommittal relationship or long distance connection.

You can turn each other on by sexting or flirting through various devices, as part of the allure is the technology involved.

Uranus sextile Eros in the composite chart

You are both likely to excite and stimulate each other’s arousal by first stimulating each other’s minds.

This relationship can lead you both to explore sexual chemistry fueled by an unusual vision or intuitive view of the future.

You can both help each other explore shocking and unusual ways to express your sexual desires.

Your fetishes are likely to involve pushing boundaries and rewriting the rules. You are both highly independent and autonomous and may be satisfied exploring sexuality from a distance.

You may be attracted to each other as avatars on a computer game or online community, for example. The idea of breaking with convention completely appeals to you both.

Uranus square Eros in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when it comes to expressing your sexual desires and your desire for freedom.

You can both find motivation and encouragement to explore sexuality in less personal and more intellectual ways.

This relationship can help challenge you both to align with each other’s desires and fetishes, though this doesn’t initially come easily to you.

Circumstances such as travel or illness may require you both to become more innovative with how you seek sexual satisfaction.

Uranus trine Eros in the composite chart

You are both easily able to blend your intuitive and creative energy to stimulate and entice each other sexually.

You both rebel against the status quo and may easily break with tradition when it comes to exploring sexuality and sexual connection.

This relationship can be a source of sexual experimentation especially when it comes to impersonal forms of sexual connection such as sexting.

You may both be turned on more by ideas and pushing boundaries rather than by emotional connection or displays of affection.

Uranus opposite Eros in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when it comes to your sexual desires and appetites.

It’s not easy for the two of you to keep up with each other’s interests. You may have extreme and unusual fantasies that each of you aren’t easily aligned with.

It takes great patience and effort for the two of you to open your minds to exploring some of the unconventional desires you both have.

You may both also have to work to overcome inhibitions in order to appreciate each other’s fetishes. This relationship may also require you both to adapt to a more distant and less emotional form of sexual expression.

Uranus quincunx Eros in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily find sexual compatibility.

You may both want independence and freedom in the relationship while also wanting to explore edgy and unusual sexual interests.

Through this relationship you may both become more open minded and willing to explore sexual fantasies that break with tradition and push boundaries.

If you are careful to approach each other with gradual encouragement and support, you can both become more open to experimentation and sexual exploration.

You may both have to help each other awaken to more intense and unusual sexual fetishes.

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