Neptune and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring spiritual awakenings and healing into each other’s lives?


Neptune-Pluto.jpg Neptune conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

This is an intense relationship that awakens creativity, intuition and spiritual connection.

The two of you easily work together to awaken your mystical connection. You may help each other grow to appreciate your true power as related to your spiritual path.

There’s an uncanny connection you have to each other. You may help each other usher in profound transformation and rebirth that helps you awaken your empathy and psychic talents.

You can trigger each other’s deep fears and insecurities but being candid with each other about your subconscious desires and fears can actually help you both release and heal old wounds and create a more powerful and compassionate bond to each other.

Though you may get lost in fantasies and even fears and jealousy, the two of you can also help each other balance imagination and truth and unlock powerful wisdom that helps you both thrive.

Neptune sextile Pluto in the composite chart

You are both likely to help soften each other’s rough edges and delve deeper into healing and spiritual connection.

Your bond to each other is both empathic and intuitive but also part of your shared spiritual path.

You help each other release past wounds and insecurities. You may help each other awaken your spiritual purpose.

This relationship can also help the two of you unlock your higher psychic potential. Creativity abounds in this partnership.

You can be intensely attracted to each other and make each other feel like you’re escaping to an ideal place together.

Neptune square Pluto in the composite chart

This is a challenging relationship for love and romance.

You are powerfully attracted to each other yet are also likely to trigger each other’s possessive, jealous and insecure sides.

You try to be empowering but can end up dominating or controlling each other. This relationship requires adjustment so that the two of you don’t misconstrue each other’s signals.

You may project your fears or insecurities onto each other. This relationship can also be susceptible to illusions that lead you both to doubt or distrust each other.

You may feel addicted to and also unappreciated by each other. Yet much of your discontentment is fostered by confusion and misunderstandings. Working to bring your subconscious fears to the surface is essential to breaking through and enjoying a solid connection together.

Neptune trine Pluto in the composite chart

You are both likely to take an intense and immersive approach to transformation in this relationship.

You are completely engulfed by an obsession with each other. Through this relationship you both are able to release past wounds easily.

You share a powerful intuitive bond and can easily appeal to each other’s emotional desires for security. You may feel so empathic toward each other that you don’t always know how to channel this energy.

You may each easily inspire each other’s creative gifts and help each other direct your spiritual and emotional gifts to help each other experience transformation.

You have a powerful influence on each other’s dreams and fantasies. This can be a deeply nurturing and spiritually connected relationship.

Neptune opposite Pluto in the composite chart

This is a highly attractive yet also challenging relationship.

You are both likely to clash over a conflicting desire to find the truth and also to follow the fantasies of illusions.

You may have to work to overcome feelings of confusion as illusions and dreams often tempt the two of you. You can help each other to discover spiritual truths and invite deep transformation, but only if you work to find harmony between your extreme tendencies.

This relationship can awaken you both to intense and dramatic spiritual shifts. You can help each other grow and evolve personally if you balance the desires for fantasy and truth.

Neptune quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

You are fascinated with each other but don’t easily define this relationship.

You may both seem to come into and out of each other’s lives at pivotal moments when transformation is on the horizon. Yet it’s unclear at first what role you play in each other’s lives.

You may both have to experiment with boundaries and may also be resistant to holding each other to specific standards.

This relationship can bring lessons you both need related to exerting power and sharing empathy in the relationship.

You may both go to extremes either being too enmeshed or too distant before you find the right combination of give and take in this relationship.

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