Neptune and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we blend healing and commitment?

By 12andus

Neptune-Juno-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Juno in the composite chart

This can be a highly romantic and compassionate relationship.

Your commitment to each other is likely to be inspired by a shared healing mission. You both are devoted to helping each other express your subconscious dreams and desires.

You may be intuitively connected to each other on a deep emotional and spiritual level. This relationship can become the basis for a marriage.

You may both easily work together to express your shared empathy and compassion. This is also an ideal relationship for family, romance, and friendship.

You are devoted and faithful to each other and may have a sense of being soul mates or having shared many lives together.

Through this relationship you may both become more spiritually attuned. You may share an interest in mysticism and the occult and this helps to deepen your connection.

This relationship can also help the two of you find the security you need in order to undergo deep emotional healing.

Neptune sextile Juno in the composite chart

You can both find it easy to express your shared compassion and love for each other.

You are both able to commit to each other’s higher vision and may intuitively sense what each other needs to feel secure.

This can be a great relationship for romance, marriage as well as family and friendship.

This relationship helps you both feel comfortable, secure and appreciated as you can each intuitively sense each other’s needs.

You can both generate empathy and healing through your connection to each other. You can both easily to commit to each other’s dreams.

Neptune square Juno in the composite chart

The two of you may clash when it comes to fulfilling each other’s expectations.

Communication issues can lead you both to feel insecure and ungrounded in this relationship. You may both expect each other to anticipate your deep needs without speaking up.

This can cause tension and conflict as you may feel as if this relationship isn’t automatically providing the warmth, commitment, and close attachment you desire.

You can help motivate each other to become more open, expressive and clear about your desires and this can greatly improve the relationship.

Yet doing so requires you both to commit to seeing each other through ups and downs and to work out your different visions for the relationship’s future.

Neptune trine Juno in the composite chart

You both easily understand how to nurture each other’s deeper desires and emotional needs.

This is an ideal relationship for romance, and you may easily commit to helping each other find healing and connection.

You are both likely to pour your energy and emotion into the relationship and easily help each other feel fulfilled.

This relationship can also help you both commit to facilitating healing and growth. Through this relationship you can create a deep and emotional bond.

It’s easy for you to both commit to nurturing each other’s healing process as well. You can both serve as inspiration for each other’s healing and growth as well.

This relationship is ideal for helping you both commit to a healing and spiritual path together.

Neptune opposite Juno in the composite chart

You may have difficulty expressing compassion and nurturing to each other.

This relationship brings out conflicts and insecurities you both hold in your subconscious.

You may each have to work through illusions and fears before you truly allow this relationship to become as open, vulnerable and receptive as possible.

Yet as you both work toward a deeper emotional connection, it’s also likely you come to make a stronger commitment to a shared vision.

Once you are both able to balance your desire for intimacy and your need for security and commitment, you’ll be better able to blend emotional healing and love in the relationship.

This can become a transformative connection that helps you both overcome deep wounds and feelings of alienation. You may find security and comfort from each other once you overcome initial disharmony.

Neptune quincunx Juno in the composite chart

You can both challenge each other to grow spiritually, emotionally and in your connection to each other.

This relationship can bring you both important lessons related to creating the deep, supportive, and emotional commitment you both want.

Initially, you may both struggle to overcome insecurities related to emotional wounds. Yet if you both attend to your personal intuition and need for greater confidence, you’ll be able to form a deeper connection with each other.

You both need to work to align with each other’s greater vision. You may not be open to making the deep commitment that is needed for this relationship to thrive.

The two of you can work through illusions and insecurities if you commit to seeing each other through difficult twists and turns.

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