Neptune and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we blend emotional connection and sexual experimentation?

By 12andus

Neptune-Eros-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Eros in the composite chart

This relationship easily blends a deep emotional bond with creative sexual chemistry.

You may both be drawn to exploring sexuality through your spiritual and mystical interests. Changing consciousness is a major factor in your sexual attraction to each other.

You may both find it amplifies your sexual connection if you also help to broaden each other’s vision and strengthen your spiritual connection.

You may intuitively understand each other’s fetishes and your sexual obsessions may be part of your shared healing process.

You each easily lose yourselves in the moment and can find pleasure and fulfillment by sharing each other’s fantasies.

This relationship makes it easy for you both to indulge in nurturing your imagination and sexual connection may be part of the escapism and obsession in this relationship.

Neptune sextile Eros in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily show your compassion and nurturing energy and this helps you experiment in the bedroom.

This relationship can help you both explore each other’s fantasies and desires. You’re also likely to treat each other with sensitivity and compassion.

You can help each other explore sexual fantasies that involve changing your consciousness.

This is also an ideal relationship for blending imagination, spirituality, romance and sexuality.

Spiritual practices related to Kundalini or Tantra can bring greater excitement and pleasure to your relationship.

This relationship can also bring out your shared empathy. You instinctively understand what each other needs and how to satisfy each other on a deep emotional level.

Neptune square Eros in the composite chart

You may both experience friction and tension when it comes to sexual desires and chemistry.

This can add to the fantasy and excitement of this relationship. You don’t easily align with each other when it comes to finding sexual and emotional connection.

The tension of your differing desires can make you both shy about opening up to each other in bed. You may both have to work to understand each other’s desires.

But when you make adjustments to your communication and become more direct and assertive, you’ll both be able to create a thrilling and exciting relationship.

Neptune trine Eros in the composite chart

You are both likely to nurture each other’s fantasies and desires.

This relationship helps you both find deep, emotional, and spiritual connection. You help each other explore sexuality and desires by tending to each other’s sensitive emotional needs.

Through this relationship you both easily find healing and intimate connection that can awaken your higher awareness.

You may both view sexual connection as a vehicle for opening your intuitive wisdom. This is an ideal relationship for exploring fantasies.

The two of you help each other find spiritual growth through sexual fantasies and experimentation.

Neptune opposite Eros in the composite chart

You both look for emotional nurturing and spiritual connection in the bedroom.

You are both likely to clash when it comes to fulfilling each other’s desires in the bedroom. It takes great effort for the two of you to align with each other.

Yet if you work to find balance and harmony, you can awaken to greater understanding of what each other really needs in order to find fulfillment.

You are both likely to find greater healing and sexual chemistry if you can meet each other halfway rather than clashing over differences and insecurities.

You may have to work to be open and nonjudgmental when it comes to accepting each other’s fantasies.

Neptune quincunx Eros in the composite chart

You both challenge each other to open your minds to new fantasies.

This relationship can bring out lessons related to blending spirituality and sexual fantasies. This is an ideal relationship to help you both become more emotionally connected.

If you are both able to work through your insecurities and fears related to exploring sexual fantasies that may push the boundaries, you can help each other foster a deep and nurturing connection.

This relationship can help you both find creativity, pleasure and compassion. You may also help each other overcome self-judgments.

Acceptance and validation help you both feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and explore each other’s fantasies.

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