Pluto and Ceres aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other’s deep desires for security and power?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Ceres-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both likely to nurture each other’s desires for power and security.

    This relationship can amplify your nurturing and also destructive tendencies. You may both have to be careful to avoid codependency and intense dependence on each other.

    You may both intend to show love, compassion and healing but your protective and possessive tendencies in this relationship can also lead to jealousy and manipulation.

    You may both easily become enmeshed in this relationship as you try to uplift each other’s confidence but may just as easily become entrenched in control issues.

    Through this relationship you both need to empower each other’s security and comfort and not seek to overpower or dominate each other by playing on each other’s vulnerability and need for connection.

    Pluto sextile Ceres in the composite chart

    This is an ideal relationship for empowerment and nurturing.

    You may have intense lessons to experience together but are able to comfort and nurture each other through the process.

    Even if you are both navigating through grief, loss, and transformation, you both are able to intuitively sense what each other needs in order to feel secure.

    Through this relationship you can both come to feel more comfortable expressing your desires for control and autonomy. You can also help empower each other.

    This relationship can help you both find your focus and usher in transformation that can empower you both.

    Pluto square Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both likely to clash with each other when it comes to expressing your desire for power and security.

    This relationship can help you both find the motivation you need to work through loss and dramatic changes.

    Through this connection you can both learn to nurture each other’s confidence and individual needs. You may initially get distracted by trying too hard to control each other.

    It’s easy for the two of you to seek authority and power by manipulating each other. If you aren’t careful, you can both use your nurturing instincts to play on each other’s needs and vulnerability.

    Yet this relationship can, with some growth and adjustment, become a source of strength and motivation if you are able to align your shared desires for power and security.

    Pluto trine Ceres in the composite chart

    You may both help each other find greater empowerment and nurturing.

    This relationship can bring release, growth, transformation and security. You both understand each other’s desires and know what each other needs in order to feel secure.

    You are both able to empower each other because of your intuitive connection to each other’s sensitive, vulnerable nature.

    Through this connection, you can both find it easy to uplift and support each other. You both find practical ways to show your protective and caring instincts.

    You can both align with each other’s shared desires and can bring out each other’s nurturing and empathic side through this relationship.

    Pluto opposite Ceres in the composite chart

    You may clash with each other over conflicting desires to feel secure and nurtured.

    Insecurities are easily triggered in this relationship. It may take time and effort for you both to truly understand that you don’t need to compete with each other.

    Initially, you may both feel as if only one of you can have the upper hand at a time, and that sharing power or authority in the relationship feels intimidating.

    Yet this is not the case and this relationship is instrumental in helping you both to learn this lesson. Once you both come to understand that you can nurture each other and empower each other without losing your own security and status, this can become an inspiring relationship.

    You can work to create balance together so that neither of you feels dominated or subservient to the other.

    Pluto quincunx Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both drawn to each other to help each other find empowerment and security.

    Yet you also both likely to be insecure in the relationship at first. You may feel uncomfortable being assertive with each other. You may also try to hide your true inner nature.

    With time and patience, you can both put in the effort to find the confidence you need. You can also help each other trust your instincts and nurture your intuition.

    This relationship can bring important lessons related to how you both seek security and comfort.

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