Pluto and Ascendant aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we express our intense attraction to each other.

Pluto-AC-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Ascendant in the composite chart

This relationship helps you both express your attraction and desire for each other in overt ways.

You are both honest and transparent about your attraction to each other. This relationship is intense and others may instantly know that the two of you have chemistry that runs deep.

This relationship can help you both find confidence and authority to direct your creative energy toward your ambitions.

Your goals easily align and you can both easily find each other in a crowd. Through this relationship you can also both find empowerment and status.

You are both also likely to help each other grow and evolve personally. You can help each other reveal deep subconscious desires and secrets.

Pluto sextile Ascendant in the composite chart

You can both easily help each other reveal your true power.

This relationship can bring you both the support and confidence you need. You can help each other overcome fears and insecurities and easily align with each other’s goals.

You are also both likely to help each other express your power and authority without dominating or overwhelming each other.

This relationship can be influential in helping both of you to overcome obstacles and show your strengths.

You are both potential leaders who help to influence each other to strive toward your shared personal goals.

Pluto square Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash with each other and power struggles can ensue.

Your dramatic interpersonal conflicts aren’t easily kept secret. In fact, the two of you may get carried away by arguments in front of others and may openly challenge each other’s authority.

Competition and a desire for control can keep the two of you at odds with each other. It may be difficult for you two to align with each other’s mission and share power in a relationship.

You both can come to inspire and influence each other if you work through your differences and come to blend your strengths for the sake of a shared mission.

Pluto trine Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to feel magnetically attracted to each other.

This relationship can be empowering to you both as you are drawn to each other’s shared sense of personal ambition.

You can be drawn to each other’s charm and charisma as well. You both are honest and transparent with each other.

This relationship empowers you both to be direct and to the point with each other.

You are both easily able to draw on your intense and creative energy to help each other achieve your desires.

This relationship can help you both act and speak with greater authority. You easily help to encourage each other to move toward accomplishing your desires.

Pluto opposite Ascendant in the composite chart

You have difficulty aligning with each other’s ambitions and desires.

Though you have an instrumental role to play in each other’s lives, the two of you are likely to struggle with dependency on each other.

This relationship needs effort and mindfulness so that can become as empowering as you were meant to be to each other.

Until you find ways to balance your shared authority and power in the relationship, you may both struggle to not control or manipulate each other to get what you want.

You may have to help each other learn important lessons related to being authentic and true to your deeper desires.

You can also help each other to assert your authority in the relationship but it will take some work.

Pluto quincunx Ascendant in the composite chart

You can both find it challenging to share power in this relationship.

You may struggle to be honest with yourselves about what you really want from this relationship. Though you may be tiptoeing around your deeper feelings, the two of you will eventually need to be transparent with each other.

This can take some work as it’s hard for you both to be open and direct with each other.

You may feel intense chemistry but your connection to each other is not well defined initially. You may both need to be open to working on embracing transformation and change with each other’s help.

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