Lilith and Pholus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we find freedom and power in the midst of catastrophic events?


Lilith-Pholus-Conj.jpg Lilith conjunct Pholus in the composite chart

You are both likely to have a deep and intense connection.

When you are in the midst of cataclysmic events or major turning points, the raw power and creativity you both hold subconsciously may be unleashed.

You both may come into each other’s lives at a time when seemingly small matters escalate into dramatic and unprecedented changes. This relationship can lead you both to develop a new appreciation for your rebellious energy and freedom.

Through your connection to each other, you can both find the confidence to express your raw inner power and can become energized in the midst of crises.

Crises and major turning points can also bring out the sexual chemistry and rebellious power in this relationship.

Lilith sextile Pholus in the composite chart

This relationship can awaken the power that you both keep suppressed as you experience dramatic changes together.

Through this connection, you can both become energized and passionate, expressing your deep creative and sexual desires. You can also help each other find liberation and independence in the midst of cataclysmic changes.

This relationship can help you both find empowerment in the midst of chaotic crises. You can also help each other awaken to embracing and accepting your true sexual desires and fantasies rather than conforming to others’ expectations.

The two of you easily help each other find power, wisdom and confidence even in the midst of dramatic changes and turning points.

Lilith square Pholus in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when faced with dramatic turning points and milestones.

You may have to both put effort into helping each other find liberation and empowerment. This relationship can challenge you both to trust each other’s wisdom as you may both become defensive and territorial when faced with dramatic crises.

This relationship can help you both discover and accept your raw inner power. You can help each other accept your true sexual desires and fantasies especially during times of upheaval.

Yet this relationship can help you both find clarity and motivation to be true to your inner wisdom and power so you can both overcome crises together.

Lilith trine Pholus in the composite chart

You may both become instrumental guides helping each other navigate dramatic changes and crises.

Through trials and tribulations you experience together, you may also both come to empower each other to accept and appreciate your true inner power.

Your shared creativity and sexual energy can also help you both overcome obstacles and share inspiration and motivation. Rather than overwhelming each other during times of turbulence, you both can easily fuel each other’s passions.

You may also serve as reminders of the validation, love and support you both need to heal your inner Shadow side and express your subconscious desires. You can help each other remain flexible and adaptable during times of crisis.

Lilith opposite Pholus in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when faced with calamities that disrupt your security and lead to major turning points.

When faced with major life decisions and crises, you have difficulty finding the support you need from each other. You may turn against each other rather than working together, blaming each other for the difficulties you face.

You may also rebel against each other, seeing each other’s attempts at being supportive as stifling or as a hindrance.

This relationship can become a source of support and encouragement if you are both able to work through your fears and embrace your subconscious power, creativity and turbulent emotions.

You can come to have a greater appreciation of each other’s power and emotional depth if you can both hold space for each other’s needs during major crises and milestones.

Lilith quincunx Pholus in the composite chart

You are both able to adapt to each other’s desires and needs during times of crisis, but it takes some effort.

You don’t easily understand the raw, pent-up emotions that you’re both likely to stifle when faced with a calamity. Your needs may also clash or you may not align with each other’s vision.

It takes great effort for you both to overcome hardships because you first will need to examine what subconscious wounds and insecurities are triggered by catastrophic events you face together.

Once you both put in the healing work to find empowerment and acceptance of your creative and unique wisdom, you’ll be better able to work together to create a new path to success in the midst of turning points and changes.

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