Pholus and Ascendant aspects in the Composite Chart: How do unprecedented changes impact our shared ambition and appearance as a couple?

Pholus-AC-Conj.jpg Pholus conjunct Ascendant in the composite chart

You both come into each other’s lives at a time in which major turning points trigger you to unleash your true ambitions.

As unstable as your circumstances may become you may both become more self-actualized in the midst of crises and turning points beyond your control.

This relationship can be a catalyst in itself, helping you both to become clear on your true mission. You may also stand out as sources of comfort and support for each other in the midst of a major crisis.

Through your connection to each other you are both likely to help each other express your higher potential in authentic and shocking ways. You can help each other unleash your talents because you are brought together to help each other navigate through dramatic changes.

Pholus sextile Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both easily able to unleash your talents and potential during times of unprecedented change.

You help each other see the best in each other in the midst of crises and turning points. You help each other gain recognition as you guide each other’s steps through dramatic changes.

You can help each other take large leaps of faith and embrace risks that help you succeed and navigate times of unusual and unexpected change.

Even in the midst of uncertainty, you both can easily help each other make the most of crises and cataclysmic events.

Pholus square Ascendant in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when it comes to navigating new paths in the midst of crises and change.

You can initially try to subdue each other’s growth and restrain each other in times of crisis and change. Though your intentions may be to support each other, you may both not fully realize how to support each other’s evolution in the midst of cataclysmic change.

Your relationship can challenge each other to find the motivation you need to navigate dramatic changes. Through great effort you can both come to find opportunity and support each other’s growth in the midst of dramatic turning points.

Pholus trine Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both easily able to inspire and encourage each other to take big risks and leaps of faith in the midst of dramatic turning points.

You see each other’s potential and skills and can fuel each other’s passions as benefits that help you both overcome dramatic turning points. Through this relationship you are both empowered to find greater success and purpose in the midst of cataclysmic changes.

You can also both help each other openly assert unique talents and strengths. In spite of calamitous events you can help each other find new direction and navigate milestones beyond your control.

Pholus opposite Ascendant in the composite chart

You may need to both confront each other and work through dramatic catalysts and turning points.

You may struggle to see each other’s potential amidst unprecedented changes. You may try to preserve your comfort and routines from the past but unprecedented turning points can challenge you both to stretch beyond your comfort zones.

You both need to unleash your imagination and talents in order to keep up with dramatic changes beyond your control.

You can help each other find your higher potential in the midst of milestones and turning points yet you both need to work past your initial hesitation and resistance to accepting changes as they are.

Pholus quincunx Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both challenged to overcome insecurities and fears that keep you stagnant in the midst of dramatic changes and crises.

You need to work together to forge new ambitions and adapt your identities to new circumstances that help you both adapt to dramatically changing circumstances.

You can compel each other to unleash your full range of talents. Though it’s not easy, you both can put some efforts into expanding your repertoire of gifts and skills to support each other through dramatic changes and turning points.

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