Composite Sun in the houses: How do we bring out each other’s talents and creativity?

Sun-12-Harm.jpg Composite Sun in the 1st house

You easily bring out each other’s talents and creativity as you support each other’s personal goals and ambitions.

You may immediately be attracted to each other because of an interest in each other’s unique talents. The traits that make you both unique will instantly appeal to the other and you may see each other as having the key to helping you both evolve personally.

You can help each other grow and develop your strengths and talents. You easily show your support of each other’s destinies in overt and transparent ways.

You may also encourage each other to show your strengths and talents openly and can be clear about the goals that are close to your sense of identity.

Composite Sun in the 2nd house

You bring out each other’s talents and creativity in practical ways.

You both understand how valuable each other’s unique gifts and skills are. You’ll try to encourage each other to find a lucrative way to share your gifts with others, often inspiring each other to channel your unique talents in some kind of entrepreneurial or marketable way.

You instinctively encourage each other to shine in the spotlight and understand the importance of each other’s talents and individual strengths.

You may also encourage each other to have greater confidence and respect for your individual talents as well.

Composite Sun in the 3rd house

You help to show your admiration for each other’s unique gifts and talents, especially intellectual gifts.

This relationship provides intellectual inspiration, and you encourage each other to speak your truth. You may easily charm and uplift each other’s spirits. You help boost each other’s confidence and appreciate the idea of what you are capable of together.

You’re never at a loss for words and openly praise and speak favorably about each other’s talents.

This relationship can bring inspiration to you both as you easily brainstorm together and help each other think of new ways to channel your creativity and solve problems together.

Composite Sun in the 4th house

You may both admire each other’s talents and strengths, but you don’t always express this openly and publicly.

You reserve your praise and admiration for private moments, often when you are together at home. You may also both shine in this relationship when you are involved in family activities, hosting events in your home or caring for others.

This relationship helps you both appreciate each other’s unique talents and strengths when it comes to family matters and building security in your home.

You may both stand out to each other because you have the unique skills required to create comfort at home and you treat each other like family.

Composite Sun in the 5th house

You are both easily able to shine and appreciate each other’s unique skills and gifts when it comes to your recreational interests and hobbies.

This relationship helps you both express your playful side. You can come to appreciate each other’s unique gifts because of your playful competitive nature. You may help to inspire each other to further develop your talents.

You may be flirty with each other and your appreciation for each other’s talents and skills is revealed in your optimistic encouragement. You try to help each other openly and outwardly display your talents.

Composite Sun in the 6th house

You are both easily able to appreciate each other’s gifts and talents related to work and routines.

You may both inspire each other to lead healthier lifestyles and you can easily encourage each other’s interests in making things from scratch or solving problems using your practical skills of observation. This relationship brings inspiration for you both to express your creative energy in the work you do.

Even mundane or tedious tasks can become a source of excitement as you both help each other approach your work with enthusiasm and creativity. You can help each other feel more optimistic about the work and routines that help you both succeed on a daily basis.

Composite Sun in the 7th house

We help each other shine when it comes to showing our cooperative talents.

We have a knack for working together and creating balance and harmony in each other’s lives. We help each other to slow down and enjoy the beauty in the world around us. Through this relationship we are both easily able to bring romance, love, compassion and empathy into each other’s lives.

Our creativity may also focus on collaborative projects. We work well together and can often balance each other’s needs with our shared gifts.

Our talents and individual identities complement each other well. We are easily able to help each other find harmony and tranquility.

Composite Sun in the 8th house

You may both easily shine a light on each other’s gifts when it comes to empowerment and confidence.

You can help each other harness your creativity and potential in the midst of dramatic changes. You can also help encourage each other to draw on your unique talents when navigating rebirth and personal reinvention.

This relationship is a source of empowerment that helps you both become more confident in expressing who you are. You can encourage each other’s talents for leadership as well.

Through your connection with each other, you can help each other discover your talents and power in the midst of change and loss.

You can also bring out each other’s talents for sharing resources and using your strengths to uplift others.

Composite Sun in the 9th house

You help each other shine in the spotlight when it comes to your talents for philosophy and learning.

You both easily help each other find higher wisdom by channeling your unique talents. You may both appreciate each other’s gifts for fairness and philosophical thinking. You also encourage each other to publish your beliefs and ideas.

You can help to inspire each other to succeed by sharing your generosity and benevolent nature.

You’re attracted to each other for philosophical and ideological reasons and you both have strengths that are fueled by your moral beliefs and spirituality.

Composite Sun in the 10th house

You may both help each other express your unique gifts and talents as part of a career path or public image.

Through this relationship you can help to elevate each other’s talents by encouraging each other’s advancement in career. You may enhance each other’s business or career goals in some way. You are instrumental in helping each other to believe in your shared ideals and ability to succeed professionally.

You can help each other to stand out because you promote each other’s unique traits and strengths. Your appreciation for each other’s talents and creativity can lead to success in each of your professional paths.

Composite Sun in the 11th house

You are both easily able to bring out each other’s talents for making social connections and being ahead of your time.

You admire each other’s innovative talents. You can also both uplift each other because you appreciate each other’s talents for networking. You are both gifted when it comes to finding creative uses for technology.

Through this relationship you can help each other elevate your confidence in your networking skills. You may help each other align your talents and strengths to find unique and unusual ways to embrace dramatic changes and breakthroughs.

You can help inspire each other and help each other make dramatic breakthroughs and find epiphanies. Your relationship can bring out the best of your collaborative strengths.

Composite Sun in the 12th house

You appreciate each other’s talents for aligning with the mystical and spiritual.

You are both also highly imaginative and creative. You help each other find healing and fulfillment through your connection to your spiritual ideals. You both appreciate each other’s talent for the arts, and you can inspire and encourage each other to express yourselves in creative ways.

This relationship can bring out your unique strengths and gifts for healing. You both easily show your compassion and love with each other. You can help each other overcome emotional wounds and can help each other find confidence in yourself and in your unique talents.

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