Composite Mars in Aries in the 7th house

How can you ensure that this competitive spirit strengthens your relationship rather than causing discord?

Mars in Aries within the seventh house of your composite chart is a compelling placement that brings a certain dynamic force to your relationship. This combination suggests a mutual desire to conquer challenges and take the lead in your shared journey. It's as if you're both soldiers marching into battle together, armed with a fiery spirit and the courage to face any adversities that come your way.

You may find that your relationship thrives on a certain level of competition and conflict. This doesn't mean that you're constantly at loggerheads, but rather that you're not afraid to express your individual needs and desires. You're both strong-willed and assertive, and this can manifest in passionate debates and discussions. This dynamic can add a layer of excitement and vitality to your relationship, but it's important to ensure that it doesn't tip over into aggression or power struggles.

Your relationship is characterized by a strong drive to achieve mutual goals. Mars in Aries within the seventh house signifies a partnership that is fueled by ambition and the desire to succeed. You're not content to sit back and let life happen to you - you're proactive in shaping your shared destiny. This can be a powerful force for achieving your collective dreams, but it's important to remember to pause and enjoy the journey, rather than rushing towards the destination.

The placement of Mars in Aries within the seventh house also suggests a relationship where honesty and directness are highly valued. You don't have time for games or pretense - you prefer to get straight to the point. This can result in a relationship that is refreshingly open and transparent, but it's crucial to temper this directness with tact and sensitivity.

Mars in Aries within the seventh house of your composite chart brings a dynamic, assertive energy to your relationship. This placement encourages mutual ambition, honesty, and a fearless approach to facing challenges together. However, it's essential to ensure that this forceful energy is channeled constructively, rather than leading to conflict or power struggles.

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