Moon in Scorpio sextile True Lunar Node in Leo in the birth chart

Your Moon in Scorpio reveals a deep and intense emotional nature. You are someone who feels emotions profoundly and may often find yourself exploring the depths of your own psyche. This placement indicates a strong desire for emotional security, and you may be drawn to situations that allow you to probe beneath the surface and uncover hidden truths about yourself and others. On the other hand, your True Lunar Node in Leo points towards your soul's purpose in this lifetime. It suggests a journey towards self-expression, creativity, and recognition. You are meant to shine, lead, and inspire others with your unique talents and charisma.

The sextile aspect between your Moon in Scorpio and True Lunar Node in Leo creates a harmonious relationship that encourages growth and development. This aspect suggests that your intense emotional nature and desire for depth and transformation can be channeled into your life's purpose of self-expression and leadership. Your emotional intensity can fuel your creativity, making you a powerful and captivating leader or performer. You have the ability to touch people on a deep emotional level, and this can be a key part of your life's purpose.

Your deep emotional understanding, gained from your Moon in Scorpio, can be used to create art, performances, or speeches that resonate with people on a profound level. Your True Lunar Node in Leo calls you to share these creations with the world, to step into the spotlight and receive recognition for your unique talents. You are not meant to hide your light under a bushel, but to let it shine brightly for all to see.

However, this combination also calls for balance. While your Moon in Scorpio dives deep into the emotional waters, your True Lunar Node in Leo urges you to rise and express these depths. You must learn to navigate between these two energies, to delve deep and then rise again, sharing your discoveries with the world.

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