Uranus in Sagittarius sextile Midheaven in Libra in the birth chart

With Uranus in Sagittarius, you have a strong desire for freedom and exploration. This placement suggests a restless spirit, always looking for new experiences and adventures. You value intellectual growth and may have a deep interest in philosophy, religion, or higher education. On the other hand, your Midheaven in Libra shows that you seek balance and harmony in your career and public life. You are likely to be fair-minded, diplomatic, and sociable, with a natural talent for negotiation and mediation.

The sextile aspect between Uranus in Sagittarius and your Midheaven in Libra suggests that you are able to combine your need for freedom and exploration with your career aspirations. This combination indicates that you may be drawn to professions that allow you to travel, explore different cultures, or engage in intellectual pursuits. Your career path may be unconventional or involve working with diverse groups of people. You are likely to be adaptable and flexible in your career, able to adjust to changing circumstances with ease.

Furthermore, the trine aspect between Uranus in Sagittarius and your Imum Coeli in Aries indicates a strong connection between your personal identity and your home life. You are likely to be independent and assertive in your domestic affairs, with a strong desire for personal freedom and autonomy. This aspect suggests that you may have a unique or unconventional home life, perhaps living in a different country or culture from your family of origin.

In summary, with Uranus in Sagittarius sextile to your Midheaven in Libra and trine to your Imum Coeli in Aries, you are a dynamic individual with a strong desire for freedom and exploration. Your career and home life are likely to be unconventional and exciting, reflecting your unique personality and values.

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