Neptune in Virgo sextile Ascendant in Cancer in the birth chart

With Neptune in Virgo, you possess a practical dreaminess, a unique blend of the ethereal and the earthly. Your dreams and intuitions are grounded, often leading to tangible outcomes. Your Ascendant in Cancer, on the other hand, makes you nurturing and intuitive. You have a strong instinct to protect and care for others, and you often approach life from an emotional standpoint.

The sextile aspect between Neptune in Virgo and Ascendant in Cancer suggests a harmonious relationship between your practical dreaminess and your nurturing instincts. This harmonious aspect indicates that you're likely to use your grounded intuition to care for and protect others. Your dreams and intuitions are not just for you; they serve others, too. You have a knack for knowing what others need, and you're often able to provide it in a practical, tangible way.

Neptune in Virgo trine Descendant in Capricorn further underscores this. The trine aspect is another harmonious one, suggesting that your practical dreaminess is also in harmony with your approach to relationships and partnerships. You likely seek stability and practicality in your relationships, and you're willing to work hard to achieve this. Your grounded intuition often guides you in making wise choices in your relationships.

The combination of these aspects - Neptune in Virgo sextile Ascendant in Cancer and trine Descendant in Capricorn - paints a picture of a person who is both dreamy and practical, nurturing and hardworking. You have a unique ability to bring your dreams down to earth and to use your intuition in a practical way. This serves you well in your relationships, where you strive for stability and practicality.

However, it's important to remember that while these aspects are harmonious, they also require effort. You must work to keep your dreams grounded and to use your intuition in a practical way. And in your relationships, you must strive for balance between practicality and emotion.

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