Neptune in Libra sextile Lilith in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Neptune in Libra suggests a dreamy, idealistic nature that seeks harmony and balance in relationships. You're a peace-seeker, a lover of beauty and fairness, and you're drawn to the arts and creative pursuits. Now, let's talk about Lilith in Sagittarius. This placement suggests a fiery, independent streak. You're a truth-seeker, always on the hunt for knowledge and wisdom. You're known for your adventurous spirit and your desire for freedom and exploration.

Now, when Neptune in Libra forms a sextile aspect with Lilith in Sagittarius, it creates a unique dynamic. This combination brings together your idealistic and harmonious nature with your independent and adventurous spirit. It suggests that you are able to balance your desire for peace and harmony with your need for freedom and exploration.

You're not one to sit idle and let life pass you by. Your Sagittarian Lilith pushes you to explore, to seek out new experiences and knowledge. But your Libran Neptune ensures that you do this in a balanced, harmonious way. You're not one to charge ahead without considering the impact on others. You seek out new experiences and knowledge, but you do so in a way that is considerate and fair.

This aspect also suggests a creative and imaginative nature. Neptune in Libra often manifests as a love for the arts, and Lilith in Sagittarius can bring a unique, innovative perspective. You're not one to follow the crowd. You have your own unique, creative vision, and you're not afraid to express it.

But remember, every rose has its thorns. This combination could also lead to a struggle between your need for independence and your desire for harmony. You might find yourself torn between your desire to explore and your need for peace and balance.

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