Neptune in Libra sextile Midheaven in Sagittarius in the birth chart

With Neptune in Libra, you have a deep longing for peace and harmony. You are drawn to beauty, art, and music, and you may have a natural talent in these areas. You value balance and fairness in relationships, and you are likely to be a peacemaker in your social circle. You are also highly idealistic and may have a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Your Midheaven in Sagittarius, on the other hand, suggests a career path that is adventurous and expansive. You are likely to be drawn to professions that allow you to explore new horizons, whether that means traveling the world or delving into the mysteries of the universe. You are a natural philosopher, always seeking to understand the bigger picture. Your career may also involve teaching, publishing, or other forms of communication.

The sextile aspect between Neptune in Libra and your Midheaven in Sagittarius indicates a harmonious blending of these energies. Your idealism and longing for beauty can be channeled into your career, perhaps through a profession in the arts or in diplomacy. Your sense of adventure and desire for exploration can be fulfilled through travels or studies that broaden your understanding of the world. This aspect can also indicate a talent for inspiring others with your vision of a more harmonious world.

The trine aspect between Neptune in Libra and your Imum Coeli in Gemini further enhances your communication skills. You have a natural ability to express your ideals and visions in a way that others can understand. This can be a great asset in any career that involves communication or persuasion. You may also have a talent for writing or other forms of artistic expression.

Your Neptune in Libra sextile Midheaven in Sagittarius and trine Imum Coeli in Gemini suggests a life path that is both idealistic and adventurous. You have the potential to make a significant impact on the world through your career, whether that involves creating beauty, promoting peace, or expanding our understanding of the universe.

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