Unexpected events in life's areas: Uranus transiting through the natal houses

uranus.jpg Uranus in our astrological houses brings innovation, unconventionality and unexpected events.

Uranus in house 1

During this transit, your image toward others will radically change, as well as your personality attitude in general.

People may say they don't recognize you anymore. Now you need to follow your ideas and feel free to experience the world in all its variety.

You may become interested in being part of groups of people involved in social issues or in consciousness explorations, or want to deepen your astrological knowledge.

Any relationship blocking your drive for freedom may terminate during this transit. You need a partner based on respecting each other's freedom and uniqueness, perhaps also by agreeing on an open relationship.

Your drive toward new experiences may become too extreme during this time and may shock the people around you. Your restlessness makes you prone to accidents.

Uranus in house 2

You will experience volatility in financial matters and in your properties. You will be prone to unusual investments and to those related to social or charitable ventures.

What you consider as valuable is also going to change unexpectedly. You may think about material possessions as something that is limiting your freedom.

Also, your relationship with work may change in order for you to have a job that fulfills your ideals and interests more than their fills your wallet.

Uranus in house 3

Your communication modality will find a new attitude.

You want to convey your new unconventional interests or about the frontiers of technology and consciousness by speech or writing.

Short travels and daily movements also may bring some unexpected events or a meeting with unusual people.

Siblings, relatives and neighbors also may represent a source of abrupt and unexpected events.

Uranus in house 4

Your connection with your native country, your original family and everything that is connected to “home” and support will experience disruptive changes during this transit.

You will let go of old conditioning and cut established emotional connections. You may feel you have no support for a while, but you will be able to gain the freedom to experience life in a new manner.

Though, the deeper effects of this transit may be on the inner level. You may reveal your unconscious emotional patterns through sudden insights and intuitions.

Uranus in house 5

Definitely this can be a fun time. Uranus, the planet of anything unusual and innovative, meets the 5th house, the house of creativity and romantic affairs.

You may become more sexually open and approach different kinds of relationships, as in open relationships based on mutual freedom, or in gender fluidity.

You can join innovation, creativity, art and high technology in futuristic projects. You can express your creativity through new media.

Uranus in house 6

During this transit you want to work in an independent and creative way, where you feel free to express your creativity.

Especially, you won't tolerate any more hierarchies and bureaucracies in the workplace. Innovation and a prominent role of high technology are your goals in your job.

If you don't process the needed transformations about your job, you may somatize the tensions through health issues.

Uranus in house 7

This transit can disrupt your relationships, especially if they became stale or are based on ordinary routine. You need to feel free and independent.

As well, you may question your existing business partnerships and want to innovate them in a more equalitarian way.

Your no-compromise attitude toward partnerships, both intimate and business oriented, may bring you conflicts with authority figures.

You should be careful not to overwhelm people with your ideals by becoming an intolerant fundamentalist.

Uranus in house 8

Situations connected to common money and properties or to other's money, as in inheritances, will get unexpected results. During this time you better not get into debt.

Your sexual life could experience astonishing new meetings, which may, however, not last or may have an erratic or compulsive nature.

The deeper effects of this transit will happen on your consciousness. This is the right time to become aware of your instincts and intuitions. You may have deep insights about your unconscious behavior and have the chance to evolve yourself as a human being.

Uranus in house 9

During this transit, your world view is going to radically change, including your beliefs, ideology and intellectual interests.

High-technology, consciousness, and astrology may be your interests, as will anything that is innovative and disrupts the status quo.

As well, you may become more interested in humanitarian and ideological commitments. The suggestion here is not to radicalize your ideas, which is the negative nature of Uranus.

Traveling will bring unexpected developments which may change your life suddenly.

Uranus in house 10

During this time, your job, professional life and ambitions will experience sudden and disruptive changes.

Now you need to feel free and unencumbered in your professional efforts toward your goals and you may clash with authority figures wanting to preserve an old world-view.

You may be challenged and placed in a lower position. If this happens, it will actually be a blessing because it will open the doors for a more independent job.

Uranus in house 11

During this transit you will redefine your concept of friendship and will get in touch with different kinds of people.

You will be attracted to unusual lifestyles and groups of people cooperating for idealistic, high technology and humanitarian activities. You are looking for a way to live life with freedom or as a digital nomad.

Innovation, the search of freedom and antagonism to the status quo are what drives your motivation to join such groups.

Uranus in house 12

This transit stimulates the higher faculties of your mind. Intuitions, insight and even psychic abilities are possible outcomes.

While those qualities can give you a broad view, they may also create some challenges to your mental health, if you have addictions or anxieties. Actually you may tend to get rid of the anxious feelings by indulging in substances, whether they are legal or not.

No need to say that the correct way to face uncomfortable and restless feelings is by inner inquiry, awareness and meditation.

Segregated places such as ashrams, monasteries, hospitals or jails may be more present in your life. This doesn't mean that you will necessary be in such places, but that they could have a role in your consciousness.

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