Uranus as the dominant planet: freedom, originality and being unconventional

uranus Everything about Uranus is about being different and doing things outside the norm. Known as the awakener, the planet Uranus is one of sudden changes, and one of the most famous mythological tales is associated with this planet.

Prometheus the Titan stole fire and gave it to mankind against the wishes of the Greek god Zeus. This story symbolizes many of the traits associated with the Uranus-dominant persona.

One of these traits is that of humanitarianism. The Uranian persona is more concerned with the progression of the community rather than that of their own self. Other traits are those of freedom and originality. Naturally, people who have a dominant Uranus do not like being tied down to societal rules or authority.

Uranians are free thinkers who are daring enough to do what they think is right, and often times, this has led to a number of original ideas that have shaped revolutions all over the world.

The Uranus-dominant persona usually works through erratic intuition and they have the unique ability to tune in to the less rational lines of thought, resulting in the genius of inventors.

The planet Uranus is also said to rule electricity, something that transcends the physical state of being. Technology has managed to push the traditional barriers of thought and communication among mankind, as it has given them a sense of freedom that allows them to reform themselves. Thus, the Uranian persona is usually at the forefront of technological revolution, due to their futuristic insight.

Having a dominant Uranus however does come with its own set of negative traits. Uranians may end up being overly eccentric, especially if they don't seek to reinvent themselves through intense psychological understanding.

This may cause a frenzy in how their minds work and they may exhibit restlessness, jumping from one idea to the next. Ultimately, they end up having all kinds of ideas that take no real form. This also causes them to be isolated and they become unable to fit into society - maybe because their eccentric nature could be looked at as being pretentious.

Another negative trait is that their rebellion may sometimes provoke authority as their nature is set to go against any set of rules. This may cause a string of unexpected problems, which they are also not equipped to deal with.

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