Neptune as the dominant planet: sensitivity, intuition, spirituality

neptune Neptune is the planet of imagination, arts, and expanded or altered states of consciousness. It is a feminine, warm, humid planet and it rules the sign of Pisces.

This planet gives a lot of inspiration to their natives. The people who have a dominant Neptune seem to live in another world, a world of dreams and fantasies.

This planet exaltates sensitivity, enhances extra sensorial faculties, promotes mystical experiences and a connection with higher realms of existence. All these abilities can be seen since early childhood stages.

Endowed with a great intuition that goes beyond any reasoning, the destiny of these natives sometimes tends to be uncertain, confusing or nebulous.

Neptune favours artistic professions at any level; they can be musicians, singers, actors, painters, dancers, poets, etc. Also the professions related to spirituality and mysticism such as healers, psychics, mediums, and also astrologers.

Among the best virtues of these individuals, we can find kindness, humanism, compassion, charity and good sense of humor. They would sacrifice whatever is necessary for a philanthropic cause. They advocate strongly for others and one of their priorities is to help those in need.

The negative part of Neptune gives those it rules a greater risk at becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol or sex. Neptunians also have a tendency towards depression, masochism, self-destructiveness and insanity. Sometimes they can be incapable of dealing with reality and their responsibilities.

Intellectually, it seems as if their rational mind couldn't work efficiently when they need to be objective. Neptune is like a "smoke machine" that interferes with their perception so their intuition is their most reliable tool at interacting, making decisions, and living.

They are very romantic, sweet, and are prone to develop platonic feelings, idealizing their love prospects and falling in love easily. They could spend days and nights imagining love stories.

They are very sensual and naturally open to give themselves into pleasure in the most refined ways. They use their imagination to delight themselves and others in intimacy.

Their great sensitivity increases the pain and the suffering they go through. Giving more than what they receive is another of their problems in their relationships. They can become very delusional.

Neptune predisposes these natives to suffer from psychosomatic diseases and allergies.

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