Venus as the dominant planet: love, harmony and arts

venus Venus is considered a benefic planet in classic astrology, along with Jupiter. It is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, justice and arts.

Its influence promotes peace, understanding, concord, balance, pleasure and wealth. It rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. When Venus is the strongest planet in the natal chart, it makes those it governs refined, attractive, sweet, lovely, sensual and voluptuous.

Venusians need to feel appreciated and loved in order to connect with others and with the environment. Love and connection are their driving motivations. They seek harmony and points of agreement, and avoid confrontation.

They are delicate, elegant, sociable, with a great aesthetic or artistic sense, charming personalities and good taste. Dominant Venus contributes to the enjoyment of life’s pleasures, good social status as well as receiving favors.

This placement is especially positive for women, as Venus induce success in any activity related with beauty, leisure, fashion and the feminine world.

People with Venus dominant are attracted to luxury and refinement, and have innate artistic qualities. Venusians can become musicians, painters, poets, actors, singers and models.

They have constructive personalities always promoting unity instead of division. They love to please others and strive to make those they love happy. Affection plays an important role in every area of their lives.

Their choices are based on feelings rather than reason. Physically, these people can be beautiful with rounded and symmetrical features. It is very common among celebrities to have a dominant Venus. Venusians need to manifest, create and surround themselves with beauty.

They are always looking for something that provides them with immediate satisfaction and pleasure. They have an increased capacity for seduction and a huge magnetism. They might find it difficult to settle down in a relationship, but its never their intention to hurt others’ feelings.

Venus gives these people good luck. Even with their lack of initiative, they are more likely to get good life opportunities and succeed.

Venus dominant is known as a good placement; however, just like the other planets, it also has a negative side. When Venus has a number of disharmonic aspects, Venusians could spend most of their time seeking pleasure and comfort and avoiding any kind of responsibility.

The negative influences of a dominant Venus make these people lazy and vague, as well as vain, hedonistic, materialistic, overly sensual, greedy and superficial. They need to learn how to control their emotions, attachments, and the inconveniences that being hypersensitive involves.

Self-indulgence can lead them to failure if they don’t integrate this lucky energy in the correct way.

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    • Bleuorquid

      Great article. You didn't mention Venus's association with the water element, I find that very interesting too.

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