Saturn as the dominant planet: discipline, responsibility, long term planning

saturn Dominant Saturn is one of the most controversial placements in astrology mainly because this planet was traditionally considered a "malefic" one.

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, self-control and limitations, hence the malefic adjective. It's cold, dried, masculine, and rules the sign of Capricorn.

Far from being negative, Saturn makes us see reality as it is. It shows us that life is not a bed of roses: the side of life that we are not so pleased to see, but it enables us to evolve and grow.

Those who are dominated by this powerful energy are disciplined, responsible, organized, perfectionist, mature, reliable, steadfast, honest, patient, and tireless.

The best qualities this planet provides are of intellectual nature. These individuals can become good architects, philosophers and scientists. They are also good at performing tasks that involve working with the land, with agriculture, miners, and construction workers.

Saturn governs the spiritual and religious world as it represents restriction, limitations, and the relinquishment of material things. It is very common to find this placement among religious or authoritarian figures.

Saturn predisposes those it governs to a life riddled with obstacles and difficulties where they will meet frustration and defeat. However, they can go through all this with their iron will and ultimately achieve long lasting success.

Everything these natives accomplish is a result of their own hard work, perseverance and tenacity. They demonstrate what a person is able to sacrifice in order to meet their goals.

Saturnians have a great concentration capacity. They are realistic, meticulous, old-fashioned, and love to follow the rules. Slowly but surely, they are able to carry out long-term plans, manifesting stability and structure in their lives.

The worst flaws of Saturnians are pessimism, depression, fatalism, too much seriousness, inflexibility, melancholy, fearfulness, selfishness and materialism. They might be close-minded and have a tendency towards isolation and solitude. They are exposed to suffer traumas and blockages during their lifetime.

In the emotional aspect, the energy of a dominant Saturn can be noticed the most. Saturnians seem to be tough, severe, too serious and full of mistrust. They can even have the idea of not being loved or their feelings not being reciprocated.

They have difficulty showing affection. Their head governs their heart and all their choices come from their rational mind and won't let emotions take over their lives.

Although Saturn asks for hard work, it gives their natives the huge opportunity to create a path towards perfection and victory through adversity. When a person is dominated by Saturn, they might face overwhelming challenges, but eventually they will manifest the most elevated human virtues making the impossible possible.

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