Mars as the dominant planet: action, passion and competition

mars Endless energy, innate fighting spirit, and the courage of a warrior: the perfect description for a person whose dominant planet is Mars. This planet rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio and has its exaltation in Capricorn.

Mars is the planet of action, war, passion and destruction. It provides a vehement, relentless, impulsive nature. These individuals are real pioneers and life conquerors that give the best of themselves in difficult life situations and never give up. Their temperament is choleric and lively with a practical intellect.

Martians are brave, strong, audacious, honest, vital, enthusiastic with initiative and highly independent. The destiny of these natives is generally fraught with dangers and challenges to overcome, with great victories and great defeats.

Endowed with impressive strategic and survival skills, they can become policemen, athletes, firefighters, surgeons, dentists and any type of job that involves confrontations, physical, military activities and working with machines and metals. They need vigorous activities to be able to channel their aggressiveness and energy in the correct way.

Mars dominant people have energetic personalities and entrepreneurial qualities. Being involved in controversies is exciting for them as they love choosing sides and would do anything to defend their cause. They easily recognize the weak points of their adversaries and use their tactical skills to win in every area of their lives.

At their worst, Martians are violent, rash, cruel, destructive, aggressive, and stubborn with deeply rooted ideas. Another of their biggest flaws is impatience. They have strong action tendencies and reject reflection. Their impulses are strong and dominate them. They act without thinking which often gets them into trouble. Mars also increases the risk of suffering lesions and accidents.

In the emotional field, they are passionate, highly sexual, impulsive and adventurous. They are prone to experience powerful violent feelings of jealousy and possessiveness in their relationships. They are flirtatious and love the chase; when they like someone they are not afraid to show it.

Every possible conquest is a challenge for them. They get highly stimulated by difficulties or initial rejection; nonetheless they can easily lose interest after getting what they wanted. They have a strong bond with their friends.

Physically, Mars rules the muscles, blood, the head and the masculine genital apparatus. It lends to an athletic body, and their faces tend to have a strong jaw. Mars also improves physical resistance, making these natives very good at sports and high-risk activities.

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