Jupiter as the dominant planet: expansion, philosophy and generosity

jupiter Being the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter symbolizes the process of growth and expansion. In Greek mythology, it is directly linked to the god Zeus, who was the supreme ruler and was a guardian of justice and virtue on earth. Hence, these symbols are the core of the persona with a dominant Jupiter in their astrological natal chart.

One positive trait exuded by these personalities is that of being philosophical. The Jupiter dominant is always on the go, seeking new knowledge and to learn new things. They usually view life from a much broader and general perspective, exposing them to the gift of wisdom as they get older.

These personalities are usually the dispensers of ethical, cultural and spiritual knowledge. Thus, it's not uncommon to find a persona with a dominant Jupiter in the courtroom as a judge or lawyer, working as a professor or dispensing spiritual knowledge.

Another positive trait is that they are highly optimistic. They constantly look at the glass as half full rather than half empty, and once they have their sights set on a goal, they think positive about the results. They work enthusiastically and hopefully.

Jupiterians are very generous and philanthropic. They're also quite fair and they make good figures of authority.
Moreover, the Jupiter-dominant usually seems to have a stroke of good fortune in their life, making them prosperous also on the financial level. However, they are not materialistic, and in fact, the more they get, the more they give.

Another positive trait is that they are very social and friendly people as they have a jovial attitude towards life.
Very few things can make the Jupiter-dominant persona blue, and this tends to attract all kinds of people to them.

The aspect of expansion in Jupiter can also be negative in the unconscious Jupiter-dominant persona's mind.
It can lead to overindulgence, bringing forth problems like being overweight, promiscuity, and their enthusiasm and optimism could quickly turn into presumption and pompousness.

Rather than broadening the expansion of their soul, they may choose instead to broaden their material wealth, thus making them extravagant and boisterous.

Another negative trait that could manifest is the inability to consider the limitations in life, as they are always looking for ideal situations for the sake of optimism. Exaggerations and reaching for unrealistic goals are some of the typical Jupiterian’s pitfalls.

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