Pluto as the dominant planet: power, sexuality, depth

pluto If Pluto is the dominant planet in your natal chart, then you will be said to be a Plutonian. Pluto is associated with power, sexual magnetism and a feeling of being unique.

These characteristics can be positive or negative, depending on the other aspects of an individual person's natal chart, and the course of their life as a whole.

This power can be sexual power (i.e. a wonderful sexual magnetism that can be a positive force in romantic life), financial power (many Plutonians are rich, and it is not for nothing that the word 'plutocrat' means someone who uses their wealth to rule), or the ability to lead and govern.

Very often in astrology, the positive and negative characteristics of a given planet's influence are like the front and back of a coin. So, the positive characteristics of a dominant Pluto can also be turned into negative ones if the individual is not aware.

The feeling of being unique, for example, that many Plutonians have, can turn into a sense that that individual is more important than others, and that they are above the law and can do whatever they want regardless of the needs and feelings of other people.

Plutonians can all too often use their power for selfish or destructive ends. They can become jealous if they feel that they are not being given the attention that they feel they deserve. It is for this reason that Pluto is associated with dictators, but also with possessive lovers.

The meaning of a dominant Pluto is closely tied to Pluto's more general meaning in astrology. Pluto is a planet associated with transformations. These can be positive renewals and rebirths or negative, destructive transformations.
Pluto governs the deep instincts. It drives everything that is below the surface in our lives. As such, Pluto can often be the planet of hidden power.

The ruler of Scorpio, Pluto has many of the characteristics of the sign. Possessiveness, strength, power, the love of being an authority figure and a hatred of being undermined are all Plutonian characteristics. Pluto is associated with strength and passion that can be used for violence - or for good.

To discover your dominant planet, go to the Astro Reports section and click on the "Birth chart's answers" box. There are 3 boxes dedicated to your dominant planet with comprehensive interpretations.

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    • Inactive User
      Inactive User

      Interesting, true and accurate (specially regarding the negative features), although I don't agree enough with the part about "magnetism". Pluto is my dominant planet and Scorpio is my dominant sign. People think I'm creepy to some extent, and prefer keeping away from me. Besides, I have been poor more times than the times I have had money, and despite I know I can be "unique", I prefer staying normal. xD

      There was an age when I was rich, magnetic and even a mighty leader, but that happened long ago, in my teenage. What happened? I'm the opposite to that right now...

      • Ivo-12andus founder
        Ivo-12andus founder

        Pluto/Scorpio provoke stages of death and rebirth. It actually feeds its energy from the dissolution stage.

        It's quite common for Plutonians to alternate times of success with times of loss. This can happen in any area of life as love, money, work, health, popularity between peers. We need to look at the house where Pluto is originally located and the aspects to be more specific.

        Also, Pluto transits can give a clue to the actual areas where Pluto will turn around the cards at a certain time. Since Pluto is very slow, the influence is going to last much longer than other planets, allowing time for the consciousness to go deeper and deeper.

        Pluto's magnetism can be either attractive or repulsive. As a magnet, there are two polarities. If you match with somebody and the person is open or (astrologically) compatible with you or experienced enough to accept your deep energy, then attraction happens. Otherwise you might just be "too much" and the opposite effect happen.

        • Inactive User
          Inactive User

          I see... OK xD

          "Experienced enough to accept your deep energy [...) Otherwise you might just be 'too much'"... That made me laugh a lot... It sounds as if we Plutonians were a sort of dangerous material... :lol:

          I'll give you more details about my chart in a message. xD

          • SERtain

            I feel like I'm too much for everyone. Hell I'm too much for me sometimes. I held back most of my life without knowing astrology with that instinct of feeling special, but not linked with feeling superior, rather not feeling like I could connect with the other kids... As a child I was really rather lazy when I had the chance as I didn't like doing anything, and I remember laying on the couch watching TV having a thought that I am going to make a huge impact on the world someday, and immediately laughingly responded to my own thought "how am I going to do that when I don't care to do anything." A memory with no good reason to remember. But as I've grown, strong passions have developed, and the desire to do is immense. And as for destructiveness, well there was always this little voice saying that "I know that I'm being self destructive, but I need to know what this feels like." All the while knowing where I could push the limit to and planning for the comeback even when the darkest of times had me in a questionable grip. And well as I've made it through a Saturn return I'm finally at 32, still single and childless, Im really understanding what I do to people emotionally who I'm close to, and how I respond to others emotionally. And I've finally accepted that I have a purpose other than the having a "normal" life. Not that I ever really wanted the kids husband house anyway.

            • Inactive User
              Inactive User

              @SERtain : I understand you. I also have the same feeling, the same sensation. Sometimes, I say "Not even I can defeat me". xD

              I also found very hard for me to connect (and to get in touch) with other children. Rather, it was easier to me connecting with teenagers, youngsters and adults (when I was five!), elder than me. I still connect easier with people elder than me. I felt as if they were more "profound" and "smart" than children. I always have disliked when people isn't able to get my speech or my point of view. So, elder people seemed me that way. The only difference between you and me is the fact that, unlike you, I always have cared about all around me. Unfortunately, caring that way carried me to be worried about all around me, and then, those worries became disappointment, bitterness, angst and depression due to the fact I'm not enough mighty and capable to achieve all the goals I proposed myself years ago. xD

              My memories of my very childhood (1993-1998) became somewhat, somehow legendary and mythical, and somewhat, somehow "the way life's meant to be". Specially, regarding TV, fashion and customs. One of my first goals appeared when I met "anime" TV series: Making the first Mexican anime-like series around the world. That simple dream made me to learn how to read and how to write at age 3, and creating my first four characters, and even attempting to write a book (1994-1998); it was just a bunch of isolated sentences miswritten in an old notebook along with a lot of tough doodles, but it was my very first attempt to do it. It didn't care me the fact my own parents burned, dumped or destroyed my first two attempts to write that book as I decided to continue despite all circusmtances around me (including the fact I'm Mexican and I speak Spanish instead of being American/British/Japanese and speaking English/Japanese instead)... Maybe I can become a famous writer (and then an illustrator) some day in the far future... Even my career is related with that (but the educational system is disappointing, and, as always, I have to learn what teachers should teach me by myself... all by myself... fortunately, I'm used to be self-taught)...

              The other dream of me also came with a TV program: Becoming a scientist. Actually, that dream is broken and abandoned because I always wanted to become an engineer at mechanics, but mechanics are out-of-date right now as there's no one interested in anything without a magical "app" installed on a "smartphone". I also attempted with renewable sources of energy, but unfortunately the Mexican educational system consists of just spending the whole classes' time in front of a computer, introducing long series of letters, numbers and signs in order to emulate the real life. So, I never touched even a solar panel, but I learned just a bunch of useless theories than can't be applied in the real life unless living in Germany and being a real scientist working for an international enterprise... I still can't understand why I still want to make a last attempt with mechanics (I always loved and preferred analog technology, even over digital technology)... :(

              Rather than passionate, I think I'm intense, rebel and stubborn instead. I always thought I would make a real difference in this world, despite being from and living in a Third World's country and being an indigenous, native Mexican (and therefore discriminated and rejected in my own country by other Mexicans), and therefore knowing I'll fail anyways. Ironically, that thought about failing, instead of making me to give up with all that, makes me to struggle in a more intense and hard way, in order to be succesful and getting what I want. xD

              Destructiveness... Yes, but with a different focus: I always have thought I must destroy (or correct or replace) all what is wrong in order to bring the truth to humankind, and so we all will be nearer to perfection... Sometimes, this idea seems creepy (even to me) due to the fact it implies being authoritative, impositive and denying the posibility of finding hope in any other human that be not me (specially, after saying "it's for their goodness"). On the other hand, self-destructing me, along with becoming sadness, gloom and melancholy in wrath and the sensation I must get even with anybody in front of me in order to satisfy my dangerous desire, which usually consists of destroying what is making me to feel such a kind of things and also "enjoying how much satisfying it feels" (yes, it sounds sadistic, but that's it), is another reason which I find all that matter about "self-destruction" very creepy too). Controlling all those intense feelings at the same time, specially being before disappointment or things and matters that require a lot of patience, becomes harder as time goes forward (fortunately, that kind of events happens rarely)... I need to find a way to convert all that in a positive, useful thing, or I'll explode...

              I'm 26 years old. My Saturn's return will be until turning 29. In my hometown (Oaxaca City), being over 24 years old and single means you'll remaing single forever. During my whole lifetime I have just had two girlfriends and a boyfriend, and my time with them never could last beyond two years. Thanks to what I have learned about astrology, I could find the reason which people fly away from me as if I were a radio-active monster and stare at me as if I were a sort of weird bug (Pluto dominant, first house, in Scorpio), putting aside my "destructive" and intense mood (even when being happy, I don't laugh... I cackle! And I can't stop!), which usually I control just pretending to be indifferent (I'm cold-heared, but not indifferent). I start to think my fate is remaining alone, without couples and childless (sometimes it seems not even my very family understands me, and I usually remain far from them, somewhat isolated, doing my own chores or hobbies, as if I were an alien at home); anyways, I haven't ever wanted to have children... Although I still hope and expect to find my soul-mate, able and capable to bear and support my rare life (I'd support my soul-mate as well)...

              • Inactive User
                Inactive User

                @Otherdude : There is also a lot of Saturn's influence in my natal chart (Saturn-opposition-Sun, Saturn-opposition-Midheaven, Saturn-square-Ascendant). Capricorn is also important in my natal chart (Uranus, Neptune and the Southern Node, along with a lot of tiny asteroids, all in conjunction). Believe in me when I say that all what happens to you is the same what happens to me. All. Besides, people think that I'm a sort of serial killer or something like that. Sometimes I find that depressing and sometimes, funny. xD

                I always approach to people by myself. I just wait when it's necessary (it depends of the context). By the way, I rarely allow others being themselves, precisely due to the fact I observe their flaws and errors (and the rest of them). But I'm not authoritative just because, but rather I just want people to do/make things correctly and properly. xD

                Yes, I know (and I used to think only Mexican -males and females- weren't able to stand my vibe; I'm from Mexico). xD
                Although I prefer to be chased instead, specially if it's a Plutonian female. xD

                • Inactive User
                  Inactive User

                  @Vangelis : I see...
                  Although I cause the same things in people around me, that people acts the opposite to me (maybe Mexicans are different of Belgians). They think I'm "too much" to them even when I remain voiceless and isolated from the rest of them, so they avoid me. They also are somewhat, somehow afraid of me, despite I look defenseless and weak (even there is people that think I'm a cop, a psychologist, an anthropologist or a sociologist... Or a sorcerer! I'm just a skinny, slim guy without a stable job) and therefore they avoid me. They also think I'm choleric and wrathful (even despite I'm usually cold-hearted), and that's another reason which they avoid me. And it's worse when being before women. They think my gaze/glare is rapping them (another reason which I'd prefer wearing sunglasses instead of normal glasses... or a mask), and they avoid me...And yes, it's annoying. :(

                  It's more annoying when I realize about flaws, errors or something that needs to be criticized in a constructive way and therefore corrected. People get nuts immediately, and start to "attack" me with foolish arguments and stupid explanations (given in a moody way by them), disregarding whether if I'm right or not (and I'm usually right). Sometimes I say upset "I'm among morons! Do whatever!", and sometimes I just sigh and say "Meh! I don't care it anyways!" and then go away. Both of those attitudes from me are also negatively criticized. But the worst thing is when my silence provokes their wrath and fury, and then they attempt to lynch me, as if they thought I don't care them when I really care them (my very family is the only exception... sometimes...). :(

                  Fortunately, I'm used to be alone, and I'm usually aloof. But rather than upset, people gets uncomfortable. Anywhere I go, anywhere I am, I'm the black sheep, I'm the ugly duckling, I'm "the elephant in the room"... My vibe is able to resucite dying plants, to attract customers to dying stores/parlors and to make ugly and boring places beautiful and vibrant to some extent (despite most of times I just feel ill, gloomy, sleepy, old and tired, as if I were "absorbing" the "dangerous vibes" from the environment or something like that...), but people around me... If I were able to change their perception and ideas about me...

                  Pluto and Saturn are also my dominant planets. Pluto and Saturn are rather commanders than just "authoritative" planets. Saturn is a headmaster and taskmaster, whereas Pluto is the guy in charge of finances and second place after the CEO (Sun is the Boss, the Entrepreneur, the CEO, but that's another story). Even Nature has an order (despite people can't see it). Cosmos has an order too. Why people can't have order? People dislike order. People prefers chaos because they would be able to do whatever they want to do that way. People don't want to know anything about rules, discipline, order... People don't want to change (even knowing they have flaws that need to change and correct). They just want to have fun, without responsibilities. On the other hand, people like us just cannot avoid to point their (mostly, obvious) flaws (even without telling them) and even attempt to help them to overcome those flaws, which annoy them quite a lot. People think it's cruel when someone tell them how wrong are they, even if it's for their own benefit (negative criticism and ranting about people's defects when being moody is another story). On the other hand, Saturn and Pluto are related with things, stuffs and matters that people already forgot, rejected or dumped. People gets uncomfortable when watching vultures and buzzards feeding themselves from wastes (usually, corpses) that were left there (because it reminds them to the fact the physical world's stuffs aren't eternal), and gets uncomfortable when listening to people talking about "taboo" or those "wicked" themes that never must be mentioned in order to keep the good appearances... But someone have to do it. xD

                  • Inactive User
                    Inactive User

                    Greek, like Vangelis the Greek musician? Interesting...

                    I'm from Mexico, but not all Mexican states are exactly the same. I'm from Oaxaca City, the main and capitol city of the state known as Oaxaca, which is mainly, mostly inhabited by indigenous, native Mexicans. It means I'm dark-skinned and I look like a native American. Like you, I also had to move to another place, but inside my own country, unlike you. The rest of my family moved to Mexico City (322 miles or 540 km far from Oaxaca City, it's the main and capitol city of my country, Mexico; we name it "Federal District", and you'll be able to find people of all races and skin tones, as well as richest and poorest Mexicans together, sharing the same spaces) some months ago, whereas I moved to Morelia, capitol and main city of the state named "Michoacan", which is mainly, mostly inhabited by pale-skinned people that may be either descendants of Americans or Europeans or blood-mixed Mexicans (half native, half American/European), and at about 530 miles (850 km) far from Oaxaca City. xD

                    It means I moved to a place where I look like a sort of extraterrestrial being, where I'm discriminated, rejected and ostracized due to that (like the rest of us, native Mexicans, as pale-skinned people is overvalued here, specially if that people come from other countries). And, since I'm poor, I'm discriminated and rejected inside the university I'm studying (unlike hard sciences, humanities are only for rich, white people; when you are dark-skinned and poor, studying humanities becomes almost impossible once you get to join an university because of discrimination). Like you, I have faced people's hipocrisy and abuses, but unlike you, I'm still inside my natal country. :(

                    What I can't understand is the fact that, unlike Third World's countries (which speak Spanish and suffer from extreme poverty and corrupt governments that are for obeying and following USA's government's and enterprises' orders only), you were facing the same problems in Greece, an European country. Greece, like Mexico, has a mythical, legendary past and a pretty rich culture (the Mexicans themselves either ignore or undervalue their own mythology, past, history and native cultures in order to favor the American and European ones but that's another story). For example, my middle name is Alexander (my first name is Joshua) thanks to Alexander the Great, the most famous Greek king and conqueror ever. Greek is in science, medicine and technology. Simply, I can't understand the reason which Greece became poor (Mexico became poor the day when the Spaniards invaded us in the 16th century, but that's another story). Maybe it's due to the fact I don't know the rest of Greece's history after Rome conquered Greece in the 1st century below zero... On the other hand, after Spaniards conquered us in the 16th century, Mexico became poorer and poorer as time went forward... Until the time its economy got somewhat, somehow stable (the middle 20th century) and then, thanks to crude oil found in our gulf (Gulf of Mexico) in 1976-1977, Mexico was about to become a First World country (and saved the world... for a while). But thanks to our corrupt government (corruption was brought by Spain), Mexico got poor again in 1982, and it became worse with each economical crisis (1982, 1995, 2008, 2013...). Now, we're living an eternal economical and social crisis, unable to reverse. :(

                    I can't understand how Belgium, another European First World's country has such a kind of people. Mexico is inhabited mainly, mostly by moron assholes, eternally bitter-hearted and moody, jealous and envious about people with better luck (or more skilled) than them, violent, hypocritical, racist, machist, retrograde, fanatic (either Catholic or addict to soccer... or alcohol, drugs and cigarettes) and either pervert or narrow-minded... or both. And it's worse in Morelia, whose inhabitants are mainly, mostly sons and daughters of Spaniard conquerors (we, people from Oaxaca, are supporting the rest of Mexico disregarding our state is the poorest Mexican state; nobody wants to work, and we are somewhat, somehow forced to get and be in jobs that "not even black people want to do", according to a former president's opinion... poverty forces us to move against our will). Sometimes I just want to fly away, back to my hometown (my family too, although people from Mexico City is not as evil as people from Morelia), but I can't do it. I need my diploma in order to get a decent job and supporting my family. That's also the why I became self-taught (I speak Spanish, Zapotec, English and German, and I'm learning Aztec, Arabic and Latin) and even I'm attempting to create and invent things (or theories) in order to get money (I like fame, but money pays the bills)... But all that have never been enough. Poverty in Oaxaca was horrible, but there are times that I starve, literally, since I arrived to Morelia. :(

                    I always have been aloof, like a lone ranger, but I have felt real, true loneliness since I arrived to Morelia. I had a very few of allies (not friends, as I have never had any friend, and most of my allies either forgot or betrayed me) in my hometown, but in Morelia I just have gotten enemies and foes, whereas the rest of people don't care me. Besides, it will sound odd for you, but despite I'm gifted (IQ: 140) and I speak more than two languages and such, I feel better among people from the low social classes. Despite they are usually either illiterate or with very little time at school (unfinished elementary, usually), I find them more sincere than academics and people that got a diploma in an university (this is exclusively a Mexican situation as all First World's citizens have been at least once at a high school). That's another reason which I'm discriminated and rejected school. They are snob and elitist, unlike me (evilness and hipocrissy become subtler as they have a "better education"; this is exclusively a Mexican situation). :(

                    Ah, Hades and Pluto... People has compared me with Disney's Hades (Hercules, 1998) a lot of times. People also compared me usually with lots of Hades and Pluto from another lots of movies. I find it very funny as I'm similar with all them to some extent. If I were up to me, I'd dress always in black, with clothes with spikes, collar with spikes, piercings and such (Gothic fashion)... Or with very skimply, sexy clothes (something femme-like and sexy, such as hot pants, tank tops, etc.; I can't stand heat, hot weather affects me a lot and clothes usually itches or scratches me)... But I already freak people out a lot. :P

                    Hidden powers... I always wanted to have powers... <3
                    I believe in such a kind of things, but it would be interesting verifying the existence of those things. <3

                    "Transmutation of sexual energy"... Yes, I'm already into it. xD
                    Yes, sometimes it's hard, but it has its rewards. That's the only way I can overcome depressions. xD
                    Once I was mighty: At the junior high school (2003-2006), I was mighty and rich, and even girls liked me. But nothing is eternal. xD

                    Well... I write, draw and play two instruments. You just must consider I'm Mexican, and reaching success is harder for us, citizens from the Third World that are Spanish-speakers. In first place, I'd have to change my name (or translate it to English), going to USA (and pretending I'm American), translating my whole artwork to English and, maybe I'd reach success... After all, since "JoshBeta1" is already known by Google (and a sort of trademark on the Internet), I just need to become a star in the real life. xD

                    Ah, Poe! Nothing like American and British literature! Classical (Greek and Roman), Middle-Agean, German, Russian and French literature also are Nice & Neat. xD

                    And I love cars, bikes, bicycles and all kinds of vehicles! :D
                    But I'm an explorer rather than a racer. xD
                    I still want to be an engineer... And a writer-illustrator... And an entrepreneur and businessman too! xD

                    • Belizabeth

                      There is so much to read here but strangely it makes me feel "connected" just by reading your posts. Fellow Plutonian- studied astrology a few years but didn't know how to calculate my dominant planet until coming here. Everything says I should be completely dark and wild with a bad childhood (the later was true) but I too care more for everyone and everything and always have- despite knowing them or not. I also have all three Lilith in Scorpio (aka Pluto) and 12th house- I was confused about the power comments until I started thinking there could've been other forces at work that changed that power while I was growing up so that those energies were turned and used against me repeatedly- not to dwell though because I rescue every person and animal that needs it, even while furloughed from COVID. UGH! I Wwish that money would come back... Thanks for letting me share. Becky Elizabeth