Pluto as the dominant planet: power, sexuality, depth

pluto If Pluto is the dominant planet in your natal chart, then you will be said to be a Plutonian. Pluto is associated with power, sexual magnetism and a feeling of being unique.

These characteristics can be positive or negative, depending on the other aspects of an individual person's natal chart, and the course of their life as a whole.

This power can be sexual power (i.e. a wonderful sexual magnetism that can be a positive force in romantic life), financial power (many Plutonians are rich, and it is not for nothing that the word 'plutocrat' means someone who uses their wealth to rule), or the ability to lead and govern.

Very often in astrology, the positive and negative characteristics of a given planet's influence are like the front and back of a coin. So, the positive characteristics of a dominant Pluto can also be turned into negative ones if the individual is not aware.

The feeling of being unique, for example, that many Plutonians have, can turn into a sense that that individual is more important than others, and that they are above the law and can do whatever they want regardless of the needs and feelings of other people.

Plutonians can all too often use their power for selfish or destructive ends. They can become jealous if they feel that they are not being given the attention that they feel they deserve. It is for this reason that Pluto is associated with dictators, but also with possessive lovers.

The meaning of a dominant Pluto is closely tied to Pluto's more general meaning in astrology. Pluto is a planet associated with transformations. These can be positive renewals and rebirths or negative, destructive transformations.
Pluto governs the deep instincts. It drives everything that is below the surface in our lives. As such, Pluto can often be the planet of hidden power.

The ruler of Scorpio, Pluto has many of the characteristics of the sign. Possessiveness, strength, power, the love of being an authority figure and a hatred of being undermined are all Plutonian characteristics. Pluto is associated with strength and passion that can be used for violence - or for good.

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