Transiting Uranus on natal Mercury: an intuitive and unconventional mind

intuitive-mind.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mercury

This transit triggers a volcanic mind.

New, innovative, unconventional ideas come into your mind endlessly. High-technology, social transformation ideologies and subjects such as astrology or metaphysics may appeal to you during this time.

Insights suddenly come to your mind to improve your life, society and to create something innovative.

Be careful though not to allow your mind to go into overdrive. By allowing any eccentric idea as possible, Uranus and Mercury together may trigger a manic attitude and anxiety.

Slowing down the activity of your mind through meditation will balance your insights with detached observation.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Mercury

Your mind is combining its intuitive and the analytical skills. This supports new intellectual passions.

During this period, intuition blesses your mind. You can easily communicate your discoveries and innovative ideas with others. Actually, your ideas are intended for the common good.

Open source technology projects, humanitarian programs and political activism are the focus of your interests.

Transiting Uranus square natal Mercury

Under this transit you experience mental tension that needs to be properly channeled.

Excitement and frenzied feelings alternate by keeping your mind busy all the time. You embrace unusual or weird ideas and you want to persuade people to follow them.

This triggers disputes with others. You may be tempted to make abrupt decisions.

You should slow down the activity of your mind through meditation (gibberish is recommended) to avoid issues with your nervous system.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Mercury

You mind flies and dances with new ideas and intuitions. You'll be blessed by the spark of geniality.

You are always up to something as long as it is exciting and unusual, but you can approach this attitude without excesses.

Is a good time to deepen your interests about high-technology, astrology, psychology and spirituality. You have the right skills to properly communicate your discoveries to the world.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Mercury

Fast mind, fast thoughts, restless behaviour.

As soon as you get an idea, another one comes to your mind. You are in an intellectual creative stage where anything is possible on the mental level, but you don't think that your ideas aren't much use if they aren't grounded in reality.

As much as your intuition are fascinating, they look quite radical for people around you. This may create clashes, especially if your ideas are permeated with a fundamentalism attitude.

We suggest you to slow down the pace of your thoughts or you may lose the connection with reality and have troubles with your nervous system and with sleeping.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Mercury

You will have to struggle with information learned at this time.

Discerning truth from propaganda or conspiracy theory from fact will be part of the process. As you are opening your mind to revolutionary new ideas, you learn that not every bandwagon is worth jumping on and eventually, after swinging from extreme to extreme, you will settle on a middle ground that is cutting edge but also practical.

In the mean time however you run the risk of alienating others who aren’t as freethinking as you. You may become convinced with such intensity of the validity of cutting edge or radical ideas that you shock those around you who aren’t ready to digest the information you are sharing.

You may also be susceptible to speaking impulsively. Even when you are telling the truth, you may learn through awkward moments that not everyone is ready to hear your message.

Eventually you will adapt your expanded world views and revolutionary ideas with your clear communication skills and may be able to translate a powerful message as a spokesperson for a cause or movement.

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