Transiting Uranus on natal Venus: love without borders

love-no-borders.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus

Under this transit you need freedom in love and in relationships. Your life explorations are now more important than sharing intimately with a single person.

You don't want to feel limited in your freedom, including love and sexual freedom. This transit may disrupt established relationships, especially if they recently became stale.

Alternatively, you may agree on an open relationship with your partner or on polyamory.

You will meet artists, people into high-technology, and in general people who want to live an unconventional and innovative life.

You will establish new friendships and also end friendships that don't represent an evolution for your mind.

A new love may come unexpectedly with a mutual acceptance for each other's freedom.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Venus

This period will improve your social life and your relationship with friends.

If a new love arrives, it will be based on mutual freedom and friendship, or will be an unconventional person that stimulates your life in an exciting way.

You'll seek relationships where communication and mutual intellectual interests are most important.

Your attitude toward relationships will be colored by innovation, originality, creativity and excitement.

Transiting Uranus square natal Venus

During this transit, a number of unexpected events to your relationships may happen.

You will meet and match with people who have a very different attitude about life from the people you were used to.

You may meet unreliable people and you also may become untrustworthy.

Your previous relationships will be challenged through sudden upheavals.

During this time you need freedom in your relationships and you may be tempted to use it as an excuse for justifying your lack of commitment.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Venus

This is a great time to enjoy excitement, freedom and adventures in your relationship.

A new relationship may suddenly appear, based on common interests, friendship and an unusual lifestyle which is going to make your life amazing.

You'll care for both your independence and freedom to keep your relationships fresh and interesting all the time.

Social contacts will be expanded and friends will be emotionally supportive.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Venus

Your existing relationships will be challenged by your restless attitude as you look for new partners and new sensations.

The drive for novelties and freedom may express itself in you in an explosive and unexpected way through the sudden start of a relationship or an affair with a person much different from what you were used to.

You will be attracted to people who care for freedom and live an unusual lifestyle.

Creativity will be expanded in many ways, but be careful not to be only provocative and be also constructive.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Venus

You may abruptly become enamored with a new love, or abruptly desire to end a relationship.

Either way, things will not be as clear as you feel they ought to be. The fascinating new object of your affections will be inconveniently unavailable or perfect in every way except for one thing which will be a major hang up. It could be that they are married or about to live far away, or they are allergic to your dog or some other obstacle that puts enough of a damper on things to frustrate your intense longings.

In the case of a pending breakup, you may want to launch out on your own only to find that for financial reasons you and your partner are stuck living together while going through a separation or divorce. Or you may find that it is not as easy to close the door on the relationship as you would like it to be for other reasons.

Your eyes are being opened to potential in new relationships but it will take some effort and careful navigation to get things right. Unfortunately careful is not high on your list of priorities and so you may have to learn a few hard lessons in order to strike the right balance in love, relationships and finances.


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