Where intuitions, illusions and spirituality meet: Neptune transiting through the natal houses

fractal.jpg Transiting Neptune on house 1
You begin to embrace what it really means to let go of control. Rather than spinning your wheels, you become more laid back, introspective.

Your compassion toward others is accentuated, though you may become overwhelmed by your new sensitivity to energies around you.

Your will power and boundaries become more fluid. You may try to rescue others and develop a savior complex. You are susceptible to being influenced or taken advantage of by others.

Your self-image fluctuates and you may experience doubt and confusion about your identity. You need self-reflection, though this may be challenging.

Escapism and lack of discipline can result in a change in your appearance, including weight gain.

Avoid indulgence in alcohol, drugs or other vices.

Harmonizing with the world around you becomes more important than asserting your will.

Transiting Neptune on house 2
Your values may shift as you become more in tune with the spiritual rather than the material.

 You are attractive to others, especially those who require healing on some level.

You may dedicate resources, including money, to spiritual pursuits and experiences or classes rather than tangible objects. You are also likely to make emotionally driven investments which may not be prudent.

Illusions about your financial standing must be dealt with. Your compassion toward others may lead you to sacrifice financially for those you perceive as being in greater need without considering your long-term needs.

If you typically keep a budget or otherwise are organized in your dealings with money, these routines can suffer due to lack of focus and complacency, or sheer avoidance. Not facing your financial situation is not the solution, but you may be tempted to avoid dealing with financial problems.

If money in and of itself matters less to you now, try to keep a connection to the ways money can address things which are in focus. Being in good financial standing can result in being able to assist charities, for example.

Transiting Neptune on house 3
Your psychic bond to siblings, peers and immediate community is heightened and you perceive the suffering of others as if it was your own.

Your communication may become more abstract and it can be difficult to assert yourself with others or directly express your needs, however, you likely express emotions rather than rational ideas.

You are likely to communicate more from an emotional standpoint and may have trouble focusing your thoughts at this time.

You associate with others who share your sense of idealism. During regular conversations you may find you are communicating in a more prophetic, spiritual or profound way.

Your psychic connection is strong and you may experience confusion navigating the language of the Spirit world. Keep yourself grounded and seek out classes or mentoring to develop these talents.

Mysticism, spirituality, astrology, and occult studies will emerge as new interests, or previous interests will be advanced.

Transiting Neptune on house 4
Your compassion and devotion to family is emphasized, perhaps some of these relationships are tested as Karmic issues or crises requiring healing and a shift in beliefs take place effecting those closest to you.

You may feel confusion about the direction your personal, including family life, is taking. Your ideal view of what home and family should look like is guiding you as you make decisions. Still it will be difficult for you to navigate through the maze of mixed emotions, sorting out illusion from reality.

You may make subtle changes to the home to create a more artistic and spiritual atmosphere. Your spiritual beliefs may take on a shift away from your native cultural or religious beliefs. You will likely want to share your new perspective with family.

Relationships with members of your family and household become deeper. Family roles may become ambiguous. Misunderstandings can occur if too much is assumed. Your needs will likely take a back seat as you try to create harmony for others.

You may feel psychically and spiritually connected to family members in the Spirit realms at this time or may experience a loss within family or home. Your spiritual beliefs help you heal and cope with loss.

Transiting Neptune on house 5
You may want to lose yourself in pleasure seeking behavior without thinking of the ramifications. There will be consequences, however. Your attitude is optimistic and lackadaisical and you may take greater risks with gambling.

You are also likely to loosen boundaries in relationships and may get lost in romantic affairs. A fantasy love may lure your attention away from an actual solid relationship, be careful of distractions which also bring illusions.

Mixing mind altering substances with other forms of recreation and escape can have long standing consequences as well.

You are likely to develop more recreational interests which are spiritual in nature. You are also likely to become more invested in artistic or creative hobbies.

You may have a deeper psychic connection with children or young people at this time.

Transiting Neptune on house 6
Your work and daily routines may begin to incorporate consistent spiritual practices, or become mission driven in some way. You are not out to further your personal goals.

If you typically follow a schedule like clockwork, your routines and timetables likely become more fluid and spontaneous. Be flexible but be mindful not to wander too far off center.

Your work may feel disappointing if illusions are revealed- perhaps the work is not what it was promised to be, or your shifting ideals leave you feeling unfulfilled. If spirituality and mysticism aren’t part of your daily work routines, try to incorporate these interests.

This is not the best time to start new work, however, as you are likely to feel confused and need introspection to discern exactly which direction to take next. Exploring new options, especially on a path of service and healing, through volunteer work can be beneficial to you at this time.

Slow down enough to give more attention to your inner world, including your emotional and spiritual needs. You could potentially gain insight and guidance through your intuitive connection if you take time out to listen.

Your body may be more sensitive to chemicals now, food allergies may surface, avoid excess of unhealthy foods.

Transiting Neptune on house 7
Unclear boundaries or nebulous relationships will need to be dealt with, not avoided. You may have strong bonds to others and heightened empathy. Some of your relationships may be based on illusion. Are you seeing the person for who they are or for who you want them to be?
Avoid a pattern of becoming  a martyr in relationships.

Any relationships touched by addictive behavior or codependency will present lessons which need to be confronted.

You may want to connect deeply with others at this time. Acquiescing to others’ demands and losing yourself in the relationship is not the best path to deep connection.

You may sense a spiritual or Karmic connection to relationships, Don’t confuse this with justification to tolerate toxic behavior in the relationship.

Transiting Neptune on house 8
You may become confused by a strong sexual attraction which seems destined but which may be part of an illusion.

Practice discernment and keep yourself grounded or you may become swept away by an attraction to someone you are convinced is a soul mate. In reality this may be a sexual attraction, a one night stand, or a one-way interest not reciprocated by the focus of your attention.

You may feel hypnotized by others and easily swayed by those around you. Be careful of investments involving others’ money and property. This can include rentals, loans, inheritances or money or property that you believe is coming to you, but is not in your ownership yet.

You may want to find deeper spiritual connection through relationships and may become interested in Tantra, Kundalini, and other mystical practices.

Unclear boundaries pertaining to your connection to other people’s money, property or belongings can cause difficulties in relationships. Make sure you are clear about expectations when it comes to financial support from others.

Transiting Neptune on house 9
Travel plans, especially long distance travel, become confusing. Double check your passport status, paperwork and packing list. Make sure you have your maps and reservations lined up.

Travel is significant. Either visiting new lands, or traveling through shifts in consciousness, you are seeking new ground under this transit.

Your horizons will broaden and you may become interested in taking a class to expand your consciousness. Other topics of interest you may wish to pursue include philosophy, holistic healing, spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, and spirit communication.

You may begin substituting holistic practices for mainstream to address healing and self-help.

Your philanthropic side is activated and you may become involved in progressive charities.

If you are furthering your education, adapting to a rigorous schedule will be a challenge. Your interest is piqued, but your mind will wander easily at this time.

Transiting Neptune on house 10
Your career is now driven by humanitarian and spiritual interests. You are likely to want to make a career shift but may have to sort through various ambiguous ideas which are not yet clearly defined.

A previously rigid career path may become more fluid and spontaneous. If you previously worked at a high pressure pace, you may start to slow down and become more mindful. This may not be appreciated by those around you if productivity is emphasized.

What you are doing in your career matters less now than why you are doing it. You may become disillusioned by the path you were on.

If you can align your current work with your ideals and spiritual beliefs, you are more likely to persevere and prosper at this time.

You may also look into a shift in career that features more esoteric, spiritual, creative, or philanthropic work. You would rather be of service than focus on your own personal ambition.

Transiting Neptune on house 11
You are drawn to groups of people on a similar spiritual mission or with common philanthropic interests. In your quest to expand your horizons and shift your consciousness, you may encounter groups which are cult like. Be careful of your current susceptibility to others’ influence on your thinking.

You benefit from a broad range of friends but your increased empathy may require more frequent time alone to process your feelings and disconnect from others’ energy.

You are susceptible to self-sacrifice and need to be aware of this pattern when it comes to friends and groups. Boundaries will be difficult at this time but are essential.

Be mindful also of group activities where alcohol or substance use feature prominently, you are more sensitive to these chemicals than usual at this time.

Transiting Neptune on house 12
Issues requiring healing and resolution will surface and your physical health may be the vehicle through which they arise.

Your sensitivity to others’ energy can lead you to isolate yourself and avoid social situations.

Any pattern of self sabotage - from martyrdom to codependency to substance use - will become prominent so you can deal with and resolve these patterns.

Further escapism will lead to further problems.

Your spiritual connection is strengthened likely as a result of personal crisis or the consequences of previous avoidant or addictive behavior coming to the surface.

You may have to ‘reset’ your personal focus and boundaries with the help of an institution. This may mean incarceration in the case of previous deceitful practices which violated the law. It could also include hospitals or rehabilitation centers in the case of previously avoiding health warnings and overindulging in drugs or alcohol, or ignoring symptoms of underlying illness.

You are forced to surrender to what is beyond your control. Personal reinvention and rebirth will occur as a result.

You can avoid such extreme consequences by instituting your own boundaries and paying close attention to the cues your body has been giving you. These extremes of institutionalization are the last straw as a result of chronically avoiding what you don’t want to see and living in a fantasy world of your own creation.

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