Transiting Uranus on natal North Node: unexpected changes on your life path

change.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal North Node

Unexpected sudden changes will drastically alter the path you have been on.

Although there will be some explosive energy surrounding these changes, the ultimate outcome will blast you free from patterns and routines in which you had been stuck.

Any area of life that had been stagnant or subconscious patterns that you were repeating out of habit, but which were not serving your highest potential will be ripped apart from the foundation so that you will be free to pursue your destiny.

This is both an exciting and unnerving time for you. Trust that when the dust settles you will find that a path has been cleared to help you fulfill your purpose.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal North Node

Others will shock you by delivering insights and epiphanies which will help you to clear the path and aim straight for your calling.

Synchronistic encounters with unusual teachers or people from different backgrounds will enlighten you to realities and concepts you had never heard of.

From this mind expanding experience you will become connected with your higher purpose and your path. You will come to identify with a community or group that will refine your identity and help you fulfill your mission.

Your social network may expand or change significantly and you may become a member of an unusual or unorthodox religious, cultural, spiritual or political group. Involvement in these groups will help to shape your outlook and path for the future.

Transiting Uranus square natal North Node

You are likely to be swept away in the erratic energy of rebellion and excitement and may clash with those who would otherwise be helpful to you.

Be mindful not to burn bridges with potential allies as you react against authority and in favor of individualism.

You are likely to feel a restless need for change and your intuition appropriately guides you to pull up your roots and prepare for change, however you are likely to act with too much haste or spin your wheels in all directions without focus or direction.

Your destiny may involve some advocacy or unique features that set you apart from the crowd, however you would do well to not just become a rebel without a cause in response to the electrifying and unsettling energy.

Transiting Uranus trine natal North Node

You may suddenly strike out in an unusual direction, disregarding tradition and authority and rebuking the status quo and to everyone’s surprise, perhaps including your own, you will land on your feet.

This is a lucky time to pursue the unorthodox and you will find your path and purpose by breaking free from the routines and patterns that have defined you up to this time.

You may have to come to terms with the limitations of control and the illusion of security by completely abandoning these concepts in favor of faith and intuition.

You may also have to learn to fly by being thrown from the nest. Either way things will work out fortunately for you.

Transiting Uranus opposition natal North Node

You will have to work through unexpected obstacles and erratic feelings in order to get to the root of your path and mission. In the process you may recklessly tear down the foundation you had been relying on.

In the long run this will help you find liberation and having a clean slate can help you to rebuild, though there will be a sense that you have just taken the unpredictable and in some ways more challenging path to fulfill your purpose.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal North Node

Your career or sense of mission may be changing at this time. You may feel restless or agitated knowing that you have outgrown your present situation but not fully having solid ground to land on.

You may end abruptly breaking ties with the past regardless of how unclear the future appears to you. You may have to make the rules up as you go and so to others it may appear as if you are going in circles and doing things the hard way, abandoning tradition and security.

On an intuitive level, however, you know that you are destined for a very unusual path and following tradition will not lead you to your goals.

Eventually you will blast through enough of the pillars of the past to have no choice but to rebuild and you will learn Karmic lessons in this baptism by fire process.


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