Transiting Neptune on Natal Mars: replacing aggression with compassion

lion-baby.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Mars
If Mars’ robust energy is typically a prominent part of your personality, this will be a difficult transit for you. You will feel as if you are wading through water with weights around your ankles.

You may feel like a previously direct path has been obscured. Confusion and emotional longings may replace your usual confidence and assertiveness.

This is an ideal time to reflect before reacting. Welcome rest and meditation to help you recharge your batteries so that you can bring your ideals into action.

You may feel creatively inspired but too tired or unfocused to work efficiently. Let this be a time of brainstorming and generating ideas that will be acted on with reserve.

You may begin to question sexuality. You may also become disillusioned by relationships because clear boundaries and expectations were not established.

This aspect brings healing and compassion to those who previously struggled with empathy. You are not likely to be domineering or demanding and may gain greater perspective because you are more emotionally in tune with others.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Mars
A little encouragement from loved ones will go a long way to set you on a path of achievement through accessing your creative and artistic skills.

You may delve more into spiritual practices and this is a good time to take a class or study martial arts or other athletic activities which integrate mind, body and spirit.

Others help you find motivation and you feel open to pursuing the greater good without being consumed by personal goals or competition with others.

Romantic relationships experience a boost in sexual connection that combines emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy.

Transiting Neptune square natal Mars
You may feel physically burned out, if so this is a signal to slow down and recharge.

You are not likely to get the support you wished for from those around you, best to keep your options open and not get too fixated on specific outcomes.

You may feel resentment toward those close to you. Step back and notice where boundaries had not been clearly expressed and adhered to in the first place. You may be reacting to past patterns of martyrdom.

Anger is not easily expressed right now, and you may either be sending or receiving subtle cues rather than direct expressions of assertiveness. Rather than getting lost and confused by guessing games, take responsibility for clearly stating your needs.

You may be resisting boundaries out of fear of limiting your relationship or being confined. Remember that situations will continue to evolve, and some clearly defined framework will be helpful here.

You may become disillusioned when things don’t go your way, don’t let this deflate your confidence.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Mars
Your own ambitions take a back seat and you are able to delve deeper into others’ life experiences.

If you are working in a healing or social service field, you will find a greater sense of empathy which will help you advance your career in the long run. You may also become aware of a specific community or social issue to which you can become a champion for change.

If you are not working in these fields, you will feel called to a greater mission which involves healing or service in some way, regardless of your industry.

Your goal right now is not personal gain and wealth but bringing your energy and passion to improve conditions for others.

Your sense of compassion deepens and you focus energy on alleviating suffering for others and in doing so experience healing personally.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Mars
You are likely to assume what you desire is what is best for you.

This will likely not be the case under this transit, and it will require change in focus to see things differently.

While you are forging ahead trying to insist that the world conforms to your will, you are missing opportunities to go with the flow and make greater gains by remaining open to detours.

Current conflicts in relationships, work, and personal life are presenting opportunities for growth, healing and deeper spiritual lessons. On a surface level, however, it may simply appear that nothing is going your way.

You may become disillusioned with certain goals and, worse, assume that your strengths and abilities are to blame for what may simply be a matter of not being in the right place at the right time. Don’t let disappointments crush your overall goals and confidence.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Mars

Your ambition and desire to quickly to direct your path is dulled now. You may feel like you are wading knee deep in mud instead of sprinting easily toward your goals.

Frustration arises when you are forced to slow down and reconsider your plans. You may have inner doubts and fears rising to the surface as you get closer to achieving what you wanted. As you are about to cross the finish line you may suddenly realize that winning the race holds no meaning, that what you desire is actually something different.

You may be running out of steam or finding that as you approach your goal the path becomes more foggy rather than clear.

Slow down and give yourself permission to change your mind and adapt to changing goal posts.

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