Transiting North Node on Natal Moon: clearing unresolved emotions

unresolved-emotions.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Moon

Unresolved emotions are in the spotlight at this time. You have opportunities to dig deeper into your healing process, clearing away subconscious patterns which have formed your attitudes, beliefs and emotional reactions, so that you can experience personal transformation.

Your intuition is showing you how to prepare for the path ahead. Changes underway will help you reach a deeper level of emotional healing, fulfillment and security. Your relationships and family life could change drastically at this time.

Events are coming full circle and any emotional scars left unresolved can be healed and released if you allow this transformation to become complete.

You may experience valuable lessons which increase your empathy or make you more nurturing of others at this time. Karma involving family, mothers and key nurturers will also surface and offer lessons to help you advance on your path.

Perfectionism and a drive to achieve may be softened at this time as you are called to follow a more intuitive path. You will also no longer be able to hide from emotional tides that signal unmet needs.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Moon

This is a time of opening up to your intuition and in particular you are likely to become more sensitive to the needs of others, feeling a deeper emotional connection to those around you. You may also become more nurturing of others at this time.

If it is part of your life path to become a parent or expand your family, there is a good chance that this can occur now.

You may have to choose between the lifestyle you had become accustomed to and a new path which involves more of a focus on home and family or creating security for others. It will not be a struggle to shift toward a more family centered path and you may have the opportunity to purchase a home.

You may also experience significant healing in your relationship with your mother or nurturing figures in your life. A new understanding of your family’s heritage or past can pave the way for healing and transformation.

Transiting North Node square natal Moon

You are at a crossroads between past and future. Any areas of your life effected by lack of nurturing or conflicts with your mother or mother figures can be healed, but uncomfortable feelings are likely to be dredged up first.

You may experience tension in your relationships with others, and a key lesson now is how to nurture without projecting your own feelings on to others or smothering those around you out of insecurity or unmet emotional needs.

You will have the opportunity to learn not only from your past but from the mistakes of your family and elders. Family legacy offers Karmic lessons and opportunities for growth and healing as your understanding of events from your past come full circle.

Challenges will help you embrace your intuition, vulnerability and help you to become receptive to changes.

Transiting North Node trine natal Moon

You can experience significant healing on an emotional level and will learn new ways to honor your feelings and intuition. At this time you are likely to experience breakthroughs in awareness and higher sensitivity. You are learning to be more receptive to others’ energy and also how to nurture others in a more compassionate way without projecting your unmet needs onto those around you.

Your ability to heal your Inner Child and nurture yourself will also be amplified at this time and you may come to honor yourself in a new way, rather than downplaying your intuition and ignoring feelings in favor of your rational side.

New developments in family or in business could send you down a very different path and one unlike any you have experienced before. You are likely to become more emotionally in tune and aware as part of this process.

Transiting North Node opposite natal Moon

Opportunities to heal and nurture yourself and to set the stage for significant life changes and release from emotional baggage are being hindered by an overemphasis on the practical and logical.

You may be denying your emotional needs or projecting your insecurities onto other people rather than taking responsibility for your true feelings and underlying beliefs.

Reflect before reacting at this time. Some unment need or unacknowledged wounds are driving you toward self sabotage. You may throw yourself into work as a means of avoiding self care but this will only backfire at this time.

You may lack awareness of underlying psychological patterns which are sabotaging you. Don’t stifle opportunities to become conscious of your intuition and unresolved emotional wounds as you now have the potential for significant growth and fulfillment if you are able to move past old routines and blocks.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Moon

You are likely to have opportunities to connect with and nurture others, but your emotions are not quite centered.

You may feel cranky for no obvious reason, or feel insecure and anxious. There is an added pressure due to the correspondence between your funky internal feelings and great opportunities surfacing around you.

Something you have been dreaming of may finally come to pass, except you aren’t fully feeling it. Do your best to be open to new opportunities to nurture others and yourself.

Be prepared to have to adjust your nurturing energy. You may have to acclimate to being vulnerable and expressing your feelings, or figure out the balance between nurturing and smothering.

Striking the right balance will help you advance toward your greater goals as you may now experience healing and growth in relationships in ways that you could not have before.


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