Transiting North Node on Natal Mercury: releasing your intellectual potential

old-books2.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Mercury

You must now decide how to best use your expressive, intellectual energy for your highest good and to help you rise to your fullest potential.

You may be accustomed to being a Jack of All Trades but not having taken the time to develop higher awareness and self restraint, you are likely to spin your wheels. You may have done well for yourself in the past, coasting from opportunity to opportunity and managing to land on your feet and make the best of every situation, yet you have not had to truly apply focus and strategy to achieve your highest goals.

You may not even know what those goals are as you have shifted from one plan to the next, never setting down roots.

Now is the time for you to develop your ideas and long term goals and to align yourself with your purpose through information you will learn. Your communication skills are in the spotlight. You may write your first book, or learn about something new which becomes an integral part of the message you bring to others. You may enroll in a class that changes your life course.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Mercury

You are likely to be more socially active at this time and may significantly emerge from your shell, embracing opportunities to share ideas and learn from other people.

You become more open and articulate in your relationships with other people. Your network may expand and those you encounter will have a life changing effect on helping you to embrace your larger potential.

Your connections may span the globe, opening up opportunities for travel or change of directions with work and you expand your understanding of people from various backgrounds. The more your mind is open to those around you, the more you learn about yourself.

Some of these insights will help facilitate personal transformation as you grow to appreciate your intellect and ideas. You may have not been given due credit in the past for your intellectual abilities, but this is about to change now.

Transiting North Node square natal Mercury

You may become restless with routines and even that which is familiar starts to feel like an infringement on your independence. Still, you will be likely to diffuse your energy rather than stretching beyond your comfort zone and embracing new surroundings and opportunities.

You are likely to feel driven to broaden your horizons and your mind may crave new information but you will become too distracted to channel your intellect in the best ways possible.

Try not to get side tracked chasing trivia or become indecisive and overwhelmed by all of your options.

Any challenges at this time can be a Karmic link to judgments or criticisms you had held of others. While examining situations intellectually and without experiencing them, your attitudes were incomplete. Now experience is helping to create a heightened awareness which will help you become more balanced in your views and blend intellect with first hand understanding.

Transiting North Node trine natal Mercury

You have the opportunity to be heard and to carry your message far and wide. Perhaps a written work is published, or you are given a chance to showcase your communication talents working in radio or podcasting. Your social media following may grow at this time as well.

If you had been resisting delivering your message to the world, this is a great time to step up to the plate as opportunities to share your ideas are plentiful.

You may feel an intense need to grow in both your understanding and experience of the world around you and may feel compelled to take a class or refine language or writing skills.

Your social life is in the focus right now and just as you are delivering a powerful message to those around you, you may find that friends and acquaintances are sharing what will prove to be profound insights through their conversations with you. There may be a Karmic connection between those in your social group at this time and you are in the role of both teacher and student.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Mercury

You have the opportunity to share ideas that will uplift others and build understanding. You also may yearn to connect with old friends or break out of your routines and explore new surroundings.

There is a significant transition underway though you are likely to keep yourself consumed with busy work and overlook key details. You run the risk of seeing only trees and not the forest. If you are in too much of a hurry, you may overlook key connections and opportunities.

Words spoken in haste or aggression may come back to haunt you at this time. You will have to revisit old issues and unresolved patterns around balancing intellect and emotions.

You are ready to expand your mind and embrace new knowledge and ideas though you may hesitate to challenge yourself to learn more about subjects you already feel you have mastered. What you are overlooking, however, are important opportunities to advance your knowledge. You don’t know what you don’t know, yet at this time unless you slow down and push yourself to go deeper, you will lack awareness of how much more you could possibly be learning.

Take the time to develop your ideas, plans and knowledge base deeper. Loose connections will not be as effective in the long run as relationships cultivated on a deeper level.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Mercury

Your mind is working overtime, but it may not be getting you anywhere. At least not yet. You will have to find ways to focus and channel your intellect so that you are able to really fulfill your purpose.

Otherwise you run the risk of spinning your wheels or getting lost in mental gymnastics which may impress others on the small scale but accomplish nothing in the bigger picture.

You may yearn for social connection but have a difficult time really forming relationships with others, instead building a series of fleeting relationships and running from one social event to the next but not establishing deeper connections.


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