Transiting North Node on natal North Node: a feeling of being linked to your destiny

destiny.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal North Node

Whether positive or stressful, what transpires at this time has a powerful feeling of being linked to your destiny.

You may feel as if you are magnetically pulled toward certain people who will have a significant impact on your life.

You may also feel unable to resist acting on certain instincts even if it takes you outside of your comfort zone. This is because your consciousness is expanding and you are realizing that your true purpose requires certain steps to be taken in order to be fulfilled.

If you hesitate out of fear, this will only bring an uncomfortable sense of incompletion until you feel compelled to follow your calling.

Although you may be pushed out of your comfort zone by events beyond your control, you may find that a number of fortunate safety nets exist to catch you so that you don’t completely hit bottom. You may also find that you have resources you need to thrive and rebuild in spite of challenges or losses.

Transiting North Node sextile natal North Node

You may have fortunate encounters with others who help guide you and shape your path for the future. You may meet a mentor or guru who helps you align with your purpose.

You are likely to find any resources or advice you need through connections with others although your path will be unique and you won’t be able to emulate the exact steps your mentors and elders have taken.

Still, you will be find comfort and support as you go through this time of transformation. Any fears or insecurities about embracing your future path can be softened by drawing on the experience, support and love of those around you.

Transiting North Node square natal North Node

You may feel like you are at a crossroads between what you have been comfortable with in the past and what you are destined to do in the future.

You may hesitate at this time, needing to gather more strength, support, courage or faith in yourself and your spiritual beliefs before you can move forward.

You may be trying to preserve a career, relationship or other facet of your lifestyle which you have clearly outgrown or which is imposing limitations on your growth.

You will only be able to hold on for so long before problems become irreconcilable, forcing you to make a decision that you are reluctant to make.

Even if you have some desire to move forward it is likely that you will either not have the means to do so right away or will need to learn some further lessons which will enable you to find your way and initiate changes.

Transiting North Node trine natal North Node

You have a renewed sense of faith in your future and are able to confidently pursue major transitions which are all part of your personal reinvention. You feel intuitively led to the right place at the right time in order to make the connections needed to move forward.

You are also drawn to the right opportunities and no matter how big the risk you know the time is right for change and you end up landing on your feet or surpassing your expectations.

Your awareness of spiritual lessons as part of the process is heightened. You may even realize in a given moment that you are experiencing a Karmic connection or opportunity to heal and align your energy with your higher purpose.

Transiting North Node opposition natal North Node

You may think everything is just fine, or that tension or problems are someone else’s fault. Rather than placing blame, step back and try to see the big picture including your role in conflicts.

Challenges at this time are an indicator of patterns and responses which are no longer working or which you have outgrown.

Acknowledge that you are maturing and this is a good thing. You don’t need to maintain the status quo. The discomfort of letting go and evolving to the next level will be worth it.

You may experience this dissonance between who you have been and who you are becoming in your relationships as partnerships and significant others become polarized.

They are holding a mirror to you and showing you areas you need to compromise on or release.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal North Node

Your eyes are opening to the larger picture and your place in the universe.

You are becoming aware of how your gifts align so that you can fulfill your purpose. You may see the bigger picture but have not yet developed a strategy to cover the details.

As a result you may try to run before you can walk. You may try to accomplish too much too soon. You may need some experience and further maturation before you are able to fulfill your mission without going to extremes only to still miss your mark.

Don’t overlook the significance of connections and relationships at this time. You may be given subtle cues through the intuition of those around you.

Further adjustments to your plans will need to be made. You may end up experimenting with numerous possibilities before distinguishing which path is the best for you.


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