Transiting North Node on natal Midheaven: a higher purpose in your professional life

stair-sky.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Midheaven

Your career is about to take you in a new direction and in some ways growth in your professional life will mirror evolution in your personal life.

Your career or profession may serve as a vehicle for Karmic lessons. For example if you have unresolved lessons to learn regarding boundaries, you may be elevated into a position that forces you to confront your need for boundaries and self preservation.

Likewise if you had past experiences with illness you may now take on a career role in which you are the healer for others.

You are more confident now and comfortable with your skills and abilities. You no longer define yourself through your work but come to see your work as an expression of your greatest gifts.

You are also less likely to be limited by trying to fit into other peoples’ ideas of what your career should look like or what path you should take according to tradition. You are following your own unique path and it will be shaped by Karmic experiences and chance encounters with authority figures and potential mentors.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Midheaven

You are supported and uplifted by those in your circle. Take time to network and leverage your relationships to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

You will likely have to take a leap of faith and become more self directed at this time yet don’t underestimate the value of others’ suggestions. Be receptive to the experiences of others and try to integrate various perspectives as you make choices on your path.

You are more clear about your needs and desires in relationships and will have opportunities to set boundaries so that you are not side tracked by others who become needy or dependent.

You are likely to have to make some lasting decisions about your purpose, path and career and in doing so may change the landscape of your social supports and relationships. You are able to do this in a balanced way and will come to new insights about what you truly value, taking the best from both worlds.

Transiting North Node square natal Midheaven

You are becoming more keenly aware of what you need to fulfill your purpose and calling, yet may find that you are continuously distracted by ambition and the desire to pursue status.

You may be your own worst critic right now, insisting on following tradition and sticking with the predictable even though something inside is pulling you in a new direction. You likely lack the confidence to initiate much needed changes at this time.

With some patience and perspective, you will understand just how much you have disconnected from what you assumed your purpose or mission to be. You are being called in a new direction but have not yet grown to accept this new level of responsibility to a higher purpose. Instead you may still be chasing the dream of having the corner office.

Once you let go of insecurities that keep you trapped in an acceptable but not truly challenging work situation, you will be able to rebuild and create a long term foundation for yourself in which you are able to expand and grow.

Transiting North Node trine natal Midheaven

Everything is falling in to place for you to ascend from your current position in career or professional life and take on greater status and responsibility. Although the situation may allow for you to receive attention admiration and respect from others, these things are not your true motivation.

You are instead motivated by a desire to be of service on a large scale for the greater purpose than your own ego desires. You are clear about your calling and mission and there is a feeling of being on a lucky winning streak, as if the Universe is confirming that you are on the right path by aligning the resources, connections and opportunities you need.

You feel confident in your ability to succeed and have no evidence of obstacles or limitations as long as you don’t get side tracked from your purpose.

There may be a Karmic element to this transition as you are able to see through another’s eyes. You may also have been placed on the opposite end of a situation that you emerged from. Now the teacher rather than the student, the parent rather than the child, or the healer rather than the patient. You will now see what it is like to exert power in a professional or personal role and yet you are not likely to abuse this power because of the Karmic lessons instilled in you from this experience.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Midheaven

You will come to this realization after attempts to outrun your calling or compartmentalize your purpose result in one dead end after another.

You may also have to learn the hard way that you can’t outrun some life lessons involving power, relationships and boundaries simply by going from one job to another. Eventually you will have to face your role in the conflict and make adjustments.

In the mean time, you may be resisting some responsibility or advancement and instead trying to hold on to the status quo.

Be flexible in your approach to career, power and authority as you are being taught valuable lessons about unconscious patterns that sabotage your success. If you are stuck in the blame game or scapegoating others for your lack of success, you will miss the lessons altogether.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Midheaven

Your soul is ready for the experience of growth, evolution and greater wisdom but some part of you keeps side stepping responsibility.

Perhaps you are ready to receive enlightenment….but only after office hours and not on weekends or holidays. You may be trying to fit your evolution around your work schedule not realizing that evolution is your work and your profession is just a vehicle for greater Karmic lessons.


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