Moon and Jupiter aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do optimism and explorations merge with your caring feelings?

Moon-Jupiter.jpg Do optimism and explorations merge with your caring feelings?

Moon and Jupiter conjunct in the synastry chart

Your meeting includes affection as well as a mutual enjoyment of adventures, nature and intellectual pursuits.

Together, you feel joyful, optimist and generous. You look forward to a bright future full of excitement.

Moon person conveys tender feelings while Jupiter person brings more adventure and explorations. Moon person tends to be cozier and homey.

Moon person stimulates Jupiter person's emotional life and Jupiter person brings understanding to Moon person's feelings.

Yours is a remarkable positive meeting, well suited as travel buddies, intellectual companions, romantic connections and supportive activities for people in need.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Jupiter in the synastry chart

Yours is a connection based on sympathy, pleasure, and intellectual understanding.

An optimistic attitude drives your quest for exploration.

You need adventure and to explore both the inner world of emotions and the outer world of traveling.

You can feel a wide range of emotions and you can accept and manage a high level of emotional involvement.

Also, business can be blessed by your positive attitude.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Jupiter in the synastry chart

You are drawn to each other by your easiness to connect your feelings and also through an intriguing intellectual understanding.

There's also an optimistic attitude behind your meeting.

You feel joyful and positive with the other person, but the enthusiasm sometimes gets out of control and you are prone to emotional excesses or to indulging with food and drinks.

Emotional swings can sabotage your relationship. You need to refrain from letting emotions control you.

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