Mercury and Jupiter aspects in the Synastry Chart: How intellect, philosophy and travel meet in your connection?

Mercury-Jupiter.jpg How intellect, philosophy and travel meet in your connection?

Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in the synastry chart

Your intellectual understanding and sharing is strong, positive and fulfilling.

You learn from each other and stimulate intellectual curiosity, even in deep philosophical subjects.

Business partnerships are also possible and favourable.

Traveling together is pleasurable and fulfilling as a way to know about different cultures.

Mercury person is more rational and detailed in its various and changing interests, while Jupiter person is more concerned about philosophy, politics and spirituality.

Mercury trine, sextile or semi-sextile Jupiter in the synastry chart

Your rational thoughtfulness and sharing with each other is solid, optimistic and satisfying.

You gather knowledge from your relationship and it kindles academic interest, even when it comes to in-depth metaphysical subjects.

Business agreements can also occur and will be advantageous.

Voyaging together is enjoyable and satisfying as a mode to learn about others' cultures.

Jupiter person supports Mercury person's ideas and plans, expanding its mental horizons, while Mercury person helps Jupiter person to detail and communicate its intellectual findings.

You can be witty, ironic and even silly without becoming trivial.

There's much optimism and fun in your meeting. You love to laugh together.

You can learn a lot from each other and from common life experiences.

Mercury opposite, square or semi-square Jupiter in the synastry chart

There's a strong mental and intellectual bond, but there are often misunderstandings due to the different reasoning modalities.

Jupiter person sees Mercury person as too rational while Mercury person regards Jupiter person as too philosophical and ideologically intransigent.

Jupiter person tends to irritate Mercury person when it exaggerates its claims, while Mercury person turns Jupiter person off by a rational and detached attitude.

What you need to do is accept the other's intellectual style and mental processes.

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